Yellow and Blue

Those are the colours of the Swedish flag. Hence, many things are yellow and blue there. As I was browsing all the various blog events I mentioned in my previous post, I came across Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Blue and Yellow. It was an older post from August, but I hope that doesn’t matter, as the subject really «speaks to me» 🙂

When you live away from your homeland, I personally think, one tends to become more … «obsessed» with your native country … that all depends on the circumstances, of course. I lived in Sweden for very close to fifty years and never paid all that terrible much attention to the flag … but I never forget the feeling when I saw it flying on the parliament building in Quebec. I’d been away for four years then, and the Swedish King and Queen were visiting.

So … when I saw a photo challenge entitled «Blue and Yellow» … I found that very hard to resist! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Yellow and Blue

  1. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    When I travel in Sweden I have to get used to the flag and the traffic signs- in Sweden its blue and yellow, in Denmark its red and white ( and in Skåne the flag is yellow and red).
    I normally dont think very much about the Danish flag-but when it was burned in Pakistan and other places in the Muhammed crisis it affected me.
    Do you know why the Swedish flag is yellow and blue, and why it is a cross flag ( like the others in Scandinavia)?

    1. quackofdawn

      Oh I can certainly appreciate that … I would have been extremely upset.

      Just now, I read a little about the history of the flag in Wikipedia. There was A LOT to read, and there seem to be different opinions about the origin. It goes back to the 1200’s, but became official some time in the 1500’s.

      1. Annette Ursin Holmboe

        We use to say that the Danish flag -Dannebrog- fell down from Heaven when Danes were in war in Estonia, where they were beaten. Then they prayed to God and down it fell.
        What a luck that we were Christians at that time -what had happened if we still had been Vikings???
        The battle was in Lyndanisse in 1219.

        1. quackofdawn

          Enligt en legend om Sveriges flagga såg Erik den helige det gula korset på den blå himlen när han landsteg i Finland under det första svenska korståget år 1157. Han såg detta som ett tecken från Gud och gjorde det till sin fana. [kopierat från Wikipedia]. De verkar inte känna till nå’t korståg 1157, så det blev ingenting av det hela förrän nå’n gång på 1500-talet 🙂

          1. Annette Ursin Holmboe

            These two “legends” have very much in common. I have never heard about the Swedish flags history before, I wonder if it is because we still are dissatified because we lost Skåne, Halland and Blekinge (1658) to Sweden LOL. Sweden and Denmark both had a warrier king ( Christian IV and Karl X Gustav)- but the Swedish was the best in wargames

            1. quackofdawn

              I was so totally NOT interested in history … I know nothing!!! I read this in Wikipedia, and it was all news to me. Korståg?! I dunno … I remember one number/year from history and that’s 1066. Battle of Hastings. I think I remember it because it was an easy number. Well … 1632 too .. 🙂


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