My Home Town: Week 2- Fences

Introduction to this blog event: I have two hometowns; my Swedish hometown Härnösand — where I grew up and lived the major part of my life — and my «adopted hometown» Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I love them both. Over the ten years I’ve lived in Canada, I’ve been home to visit three times so I have quite a few photos from there too. I want to show them both! 🙂

This week’s theme is «fences» and it struck me I had a little fence from back home in Härnösand too. Mouse over the pictures to see captions, or click on them to bring up the slide show.


6 thoughts on “My Home Town: Week 2- Fences

  1. I think your two hometowns would definitely count for this challenge and I am excited to see your future posts…in the meantime…these are fabulous!!

    1. Thank you, Lisa!
      I’m glad I found this … It’s a great idea, and also a way to combine a photo post with a little writing

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