hay day

September has come to be my favourite month! These clear, brilliant … sometimes warm … days, are wonderful as there’s no humidity! It can be just nice and warm without the mugginess that makes you feel so miserable in the summertime.

So … to take advantage of such a day, yesterday we drove up along Kennebecasis River and then inland a bit … through little villages with funny names like Apohaqui. I took random pictures of things that I like … such as hay rolls and lonely trees.

Love the wide open, rolling countryside and I was pleasantly surprised to see that many hay rolls out in the fields. I thought I’d missed the boat on that one. There’s even a Flickr group dedicated to those hay rolls!

This ride included several, short ferry rides across two different rivers — Kennebecasis and the Saint John River.

It was a glorious day!

9 Replies to “hay day”

  1. You’re lucky to still be seeing those large round bales still standing out in the fields. By rights, and for the good health of the animals who eat them, they should’ve been safely stacked away under cover LONG ago, to prevent moldy hay. (Though, after closer inspection of your photos, judging by their cant and the irregular windings, they might not hold together long enough to make it into storage):

    1. In many places we drove by, they were out, either picking them up, or gathering hay that just had been cut, making new bales. Most of them were the white, plastic ones that look like some UFO had lain eggs overnight 😉

  2. It is so true that muggy weather makes it seem hotter. I have had that discussion with some people who live on the east coast and they disagree. If they lived on the west coast they would feel the difference I’m sure.

    1. Oh, I think there’s a huge difference! I don’t know if you have it in the US, but here in Canada, on the weather, they always tell — not only the temperature — but something called humidex … how it REALLY feels. They could just as well call it misery index 🙂

        1. Yeah, and same thing the other way around … when it’s cold! In Quebec, the actual temperature could be a lot lower than here, but here feels much colder…

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