eleven updates

Yesterday, the new iOS7 for the iPhone and iPad was released. I was a little excited about that. Isn’t it great to still be a child at heart, even at this ripe old age … being able to rejoice over a new interface … new icons or whatever?! 🙂 I’d read about this beforehand — for quite some time, actually — so I knew there wouldn’t be all that much new for me, as I have the iPhone 4S.

Not long after I’d bought the iPhone, last year, the iOS6 came out, but then everything was so new to me so it was just one more thing. I do think this is a much bigger upgrade, though.

After about two hours’ wait, it finally got through, on both devices. It felt a bit the same as when Google was releasing their web browser Chrome, back in 2008! 🙂

It sure looks different! The entire interface has changed. The Pictures-icon reminds me of Microsoft’s butterfly. The ugliest one is the Contacts-icon.

Haven’t had time to check out all the intricacies of it, but some are pretty obvious. If you for some reason want to shut down an app, you now swipe straight UP. The new keyboard … but that only appears [at least right now] when you type in the native apps like Mail, iMessage et cetera. When typing in, say, Gmail app, the old keyboard appears. That has a little feel of confusion to it, but it may have changed now … when I got up this morning, I had eleven updates and they’re taking a long time to download. There must be a line-up at the App Store 🙂 I thought so many of them had been updated just before this release, but apparently not all!

DSC_6361Yesterday was a three-cruise-ship-day here. That often happens towards the end of the season. Kept driving around town in order to get all three in one picture. That didn’t really happen. In this picture, that I don’t particularly like, you at least get a sense of how immense they are. Number three would be to the left — out of the picture.

This means ten thousand people more in our little city! Each time this happens, I keep thinking of my tiny hometown! Many years ago, we had a British naval ship visiting [H.M.S. Intrepid]. She had seven hundred people on board, the town is so small so it felt like they were just everywhere! Couldn’t even imagine what a cruise ship, like one of these, would do to it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “eleven updates

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    I was all excited about the new OS too – until I read the description that Apple had sent out, that is…
    We are a “multi-device family” as well and have been burned before by “updating” to a new system, only to find out TOO LATE, that because the device was incapable of handling the new system, it basically caused a “nervous breakdown”. There is no mention of the iPhone 4 in the system description sent out this week, so beware!
    (Glad you’re enjoying your newest toy ‘though; )

    1. quackofdawn

      I’d read the description carefully beforehand … I’d read a lot about it, when it first was released. So I was pleased to find that the 4S was included [at least many features].

      1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

        Yes, at least one member of our family is QUITE impressed with the new OS – unfortunately it’s not me; )


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