after seventeen years …

Scan 132540005with Windows, I’ve now spent a little over two weeks with Mac. After one day, I could say I had the basic grip of it, and now … after two weeks, I’m feeling really comfortable. I guess that says something about the intuitiveness of the whole thing!

The second day, my friend asked me to name one thing that was better on a Mac. At first, the question kind of stunned me. The first thing that came to mind was the integration with my two, other devices … the iPhone and the iPad. The other things aren’t really good reasons, as such … the are more subjective feelings: It feels «stable». It’s still very early, but not once have I experienced any kind of ‘hang’ or blue screen, even though I’ve hit so many keys by mistake [the keyboard short-cuts seem to sit in my spine]. The actual machine itself, has a very solid feel to it. Now I can use several of my favourite «apps» on the computer, not only on the mobile devices.

Apart from that, our printer is properly installed, which I don’t think it ever was before! It’s fairly new, I doubt it’s even a year old, a HP Photosmart. I had some trouble connecting it to both our computers, so I downloaded drivers from HP and installed. Then I scanned an old photo of mine … this here above was shot 1996 somewhere in Sweden. To my great surprise, the whole scanning procedure was all of a sudden much simpler. It only scanned the photo … I no longer had to cut it out [crop] of the white area. The quality even seems better. Perhaps I never really installed it the way it should be on the old computer … I don’t know, but now it’s good.


9 thoughts on “after seventeen years …

  1. The photo is gorgeous. It sounds like you have it all together now. The integrattion of all the units does make it appealing.

    1. I like that photo, and I remember when I took it, with a cheap little plastic camera that I’d gotten for free somewhere!

  2. so glad there doesn’t seem to be a huge learning curve. I’ve pretty much decided when this laptop dies I’m switching to a Mac but I might chicken out at the last moment. I’m so proficient with Windows! Change is good though, right?

    1. Well, so was I …about Windows. It’s like exercise for the brain, with all the new and a little challenge too. Feels good, that I’m still able to learn. I like change in certain aspects of life! 🙂

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