For years I’ve searched for this font, and tonight I found it! Yay! I first came across it on some website, where you could create your own signature, or some such. They had quite the selection of fonts to choose from, but didn’t say their names. I tried, best as I could, to go in to the page source … without success.

I never forgot about it, though, and over the years I’ve tried  many of the online search tools, where you can upload an image with a certain font and have it identified. The only thing I had left was a small image with my name. The URL to the original site I’d lost.

Today, I found a website called, where you can ask real, human beings for help in ID:ing fonts, so I uploaded my little image! What do you know! This evening, I had the answer … Bickley Script, I checked it out and it was indeed the font I’d been looking for.

The reason I like it so much is probably because I wish my own handwriting looked like this 🙂

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    1. Yes … every now and then some font like this comes by, that I really take a liking to. Don’t really know what I’ll use it for, as it has to be a an image …

    1. Yes! I did like!

      That web site is ‘terrbile’ … you can get totally hooked, browsing fonts there. Now I saw several that I liked, but it could also be very damaging for ones finances 🙂

      I wouldn’t know what to use them for anyway … I only have my little blog here — that’s all I do. Don’t want to change the title font because I really like «Chewy» for my title. That’s a webfont from Google.

  1. Its very decorative but I wouldnt use it on a website as text font because it makes the site less readable ( people come- and then go very fast if the site isnt very easy to catch so to say). As a header its very nice.

    1. gawd NO! I would never use anything like this for text … in fact, I don’t know at all what to use it for, except header. I just like it LOL

  2. Huh, that’s weird! I was going to ask you what font you’d used in “This is a test” at the bottom of the mobile page, thought maybe I could compare it more easily to the Bickley Script at the top if I went to the “full” webpage… But it’s NOT THERE! What the heck?

    1. You mean that widget, with the green «This is a test» isn’t visible when you view it in a full browser? That’s so odd! I’ve just been checking it out, both on the computer, iPad and iPhone. I see it on all three.

      The test was just using something called ‘web fonts’.. []

      1. Nope, full webpage, on my phone, no “test”… But this page acts really hunky on my phone anyway. Always had. R E A L L Y slow to type. Jerky too. You know?

        1. That little test text-box doesn’t DO anything. It is just what it says … it’s not clickable or anything!

          I’m really sorry that my page acts up that way! I had no idea. As soon as I make changes to it, I keep testing it on my iPhone, iPad and computer [both Win and Mac]. Can’t see what possibly could slow it down that bad…?!

          Is it just MY page or other blogs too?

          1. At this point, (I’m pretty sure; ) it only happens when I go from mobile to full page on my phone. I’ll have to check it out on the laptop (if I ever actually think of it while I’m on there… This is the same sort of thing that happens when I try to communicate on a “Blogger/Blogspot” site. There’ something about Google and my Mac(s) – they just DON’T get along! ):

            1. Would be interesting to hear, because slow loading pages are so annoying, and I don’t want mine to be one of them! I have only one, so called, plugin here and that shouldn’t affect it.

              I’ve had my Mac for only about a week now, so I still haven’t tried/come across any Blogger site to comment on 🙂

  3. I doubt if you’d have the same problem anyway – you did say that you’re using google Chrome (or something like that; ) already, right?
    Now here’s is a perfect example of what I mean by “Google and Safari DON’T get along!”… In that previous sentence, as I was typing “Google Chrome”, I made a typo (hit a letter key instead of a space in between) and my AutoCorrect TOOK OUT the Google that I’d typed with a capital “G” and, in its place, left what you see in that sentence now…
    D’you see what I mean? They’re just like little kids out in the schoolyard, who won’t “Play nice!” (LOL, I’m laughing now, but to be quite honest, I just wish they’d just knock it off and GET ALONG, for Pete’s Sake!!: )
    (Oh, and I see now that the font in the box is called “Euphoria”. I do kinda like it. Thanks for the info: ) Going to check this out on the Book. Back in a flash…

    1. Sometimes auto-correct makes for really hilarious sentences, when you’re texting with someone 🙂

      I’ve read many discussions about the commenting system on Blogger, but I always just use my Gmail account … no problems there.

      1. Okay, now this is weird. Now the “test box” IS at the bottom of your (full)page on my phone screen, but NOT here on the laptop… Going to go back to “mobile” version on the phone… And “Yup!” the test box is there now too.

        1. When you view the page on the laptop, that box should be in the left column. Just had a look at it in Safari and it looked alright …the box..

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