the magic rodent, or … another mouse to feed

IMG_1709This new mouse, has been [and is] the biggest challenge in this whole learning process with the new Mac. I have this habit of allowing my hand to rest on the mouse, even when I’m not using it. It’s a very old habit … hard to break … but it’s not good with Magic here. Each time I release, the page moves unpredictably because it’s so sensitive. Every now and then, I also play a silly little game online. It’s fast, falling balls in different colours, but that’s almost not doable at this stage. I must change my approach to it … or wear latex gloves, perhaps?! LOL

On a different note; the first thing I saw on Facebook this morning, was a post from my home town’s local paper. Someone … they don’t know who, or how many … had painted the steps leading up to the Cathedral in the colours of the rainbow, overnight! Pictures HERE and HERE… it’s quite spectacular, so please, click 🙂 Now this is all over national news there, and for the first time this little town has made it to the news with something relatively positive … at least funny! The other times, there have just been grisly murders.

A Facebook page, for the keeping of this coloured stair, formed, and it got close to two thousand ‘Likes’ in two hours! I doubt they’ll be successful in their endeavor, though.

10 Replies to “the magic rodent, or … another mouse to feed”

  1. I havent the faintest idea about that thingy works LOL. I have the same habit, always my hand on the mouse- on my PC, its different on the laptop, because I sometimes use it without mouse ( use the pad).
    Its grand with the steps- in England some had painted the rainbow colours in a pedestrian crossing.
    Its a protest to Putins anti homosexual laws in Russia.
    I think the steps should be as they are now, but I dont think thats what the church has in mind.

    1. I will never master the tracking pad [or whatever it’s called] .. I’ve tried so many times! Bought this mouse, mainly because it looked so good (!!!).
      Saw the pedestrian crossing! Cool. I read the comments in FB, on our church steps … all kinds of opinions, and speculations about who made it … one suggested, jokingly, «perhaps it was Putin?!» LOL

      1. Yes I am sure that Putin went to Härnösand to enjoy himself- maybe he is a gay person in the closet LOL. I love that people make fun about that non sense.

        1. *ROFL* yeah! Wouldn’t that be too funny. The other guy … in Iran …what’s his name Ahmedinejad … When he was visiting the US, he made a speech somewhere, a university I think it was. He stated that in his country there were NO gay people …just didn’t exist … and the whole auditorium burst out laughing.

          1. This make think about how blessed I am living in a country-an area of the World where there is more acceptance about differences – even that it isnt “perfect”

            1. No, it isn’t perfect, but boy, have we come a long way in the Scandinavian/Nordic countries!

  2. I have a MacBook Pro, but no mouse. I have never had a mouse for a laptop, and I think for carpal tunnel, it’s probably better not using one, but I am drinking in every detail about how sensitive it is.
    I got my Amnesty International mag the other day. The cover is about homophobia in afric. Unfortunately Putin is not the only one.

    1. I really should have forced myself to master the track pad … I’ve had quite a few now, but it never happened. Now, I’ve more or less given up on it. It’s probably much better in order to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, but so far, so good …

  3. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told (by the resident tech expert; ) that it’s really all in the fingertips – for using both the trackpad AND the “magic” mouse. Although, I must admit, for some things I like the old style Apple mouse with side-mounted “squeezy buttons” ‘WAY better; )

    1. Your resident tech is so right … I know it’s all in the fingertips [or possibly my head]. I will learn to live with this mouse, and it’s going pretty good by now … except for the silly game, but that’s not important. Never had the pleasure of meeting the old style Apple mouse 🙂

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