Today was the day…


…when I became an Apple person, through and through. I bought a MacBook Pro. The decision had matured in my mind for quite some time … my old computer turned four just the other day, and had started to act up a little. Not so much, to be honest. Once the decision was made, it had to happen right away, so I went downtown this morning and got it. All day today has been devoted to this new machine … so much new to learn! However, I think the biggest learning curve is the new mouse! I bought «Magic Mouse» with it, and boy is it ever magic! It’s extremely sensitive, and as I’m not used to it yet, things keep moving around in all directions and all of a sudden the page font gets huge because it has zoomed in for some unknown reason.

Either way, I’m already in love with it, and it’s terrific with the synchronization between the iPhone/iPad and this with iCloud. Now that I’ve sorted out where things are located, my next project will be to learn a few keyboard short-cuts. After having been a Windows user since 1995, I just can’t expect to learn everything in one day. It was just so much fun so I couldn’t stop!


11 thoughts on “Today was the day…

      1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

        LOL!! You’re sort of right… I did have to go through google for “Valcömmen”, but only to get the “ö” as I’ve known the word since I was a kid. (It was[is] carved into the mantelpiece at our local Ski Hill, you see: )
        For “Ingen orsak” however, I did have to go through google to find this:
        AND, I have just added the Swedish keyboard so shouldn’t have that umlaut(sp?) problem any more; )

        1. quackofdawn

          Yeah, I have the Swedish keyboard installed, as I go back and forth all the time. Now I was going to say that it’s really easy to do the umlaut without switching keyboard, if it’s just for a single letter … but I see that it only works with the US Int. that I use all the time! Not Canadian English. Anyway, I just hit SHIFT + the “, key. ä ö

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Well, as most of the time I’m using the phone to read your posts – we’ll just have to see how it works out [between British (English), Français (Canada) and Svenska: ] and it’s REALLY easy to switch from one to the other!

    1. quackofdawn

      With the phone it’s even easier to make those umlauts. I just keep holding my finger on the A for example, I get them all … same with the O.

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