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For a while now, I’ve been testing an app called Everpix. It lives on my computer, my iPhone and iPad and syncs ALL pictures one year back in time. As soon as you make some changes to a photo and save, it immediately syncs to all three devices. That’s the free version … were I to pay for it, it syncs pictures of all time. That’s nothing I intend to do, though … I’m happy as I am, both with Flickr and Picasa — I just thought it was a fun thing to try out.

DSC_9815.NEFThis is a cute little application though, and every day it keeps sending me «flashbacks» … a picture that I took on this day, last year. The thing about this was that I could hardly believe that this time, last year, I was back home, and I have already been there one more time!

On the 5th of September last year, we went to this beach, with really strange rock formations.

This whole area, is called «High Coast» and the scenery is rather spectacular … even more so now, when I live away from it all — you tend to look at everything in a different light, when you just go home to visit, I guess.



Here’s the rocky beach! Easy to walk on … it’s like steps. It all has to do with the ice age — very well explained in the link above.



2 thoughts on “new app

  1. Suz

    I think when you move away but come back to visit you don’t work in that place any more and actually have time to sight see.

    1. quackofdawn

      When I went there in 2011, I’d been away for eight years! Then, everything looked different … in the apartment, everything looked smaller somehow LOL


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