13 thoughts on “Icon

  1. Cute little planes!! Clever. No I can’t see your tab on the phone. You did such a good job on the duck! It takes a lot of patience.

    1. Yeah, I thought they were so cute! 🙂 No, and I took it away anyway … put the black silhouette duck back. At least there, one can see that it IS a duck…

  2. The duck looks great. Icons have to be simple and graphic. I admire logo designers who can make them clever as well.

    There’s hardly any room to make favicons look good. I opt for very simple shapes.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the only ones that look good in the browser, are Twitter, Flickr and such … I notice that IE accepts .PNG for icons now.

      I’ll have to dream up something simple if I want to have a logo of sorts 🙂

  3. Okay, so I know you like punning and double-entendre… So, thinking along those lines, I thought of the little pin-curl, tail feathers on a Mallard Drake and the other definition for the “crack of dawn”. Ask your husband if you (being the genteel, well-behaved lady that you are; ) don’t get the reference…

    1. *ROFL* I’m laughing so hard here now, and still not sure if I get it. I had him read the comment and he DID give me another definition for the ‘crack of dawn’ because we know a person named Dawn … but we still don’t get the connection to those curly feathers on the Mallard 😀

      1. Ah well (probably shouldn’t have started this) but in for a penny, in for a pound…
        It’s another term for what happens when someone wearing low-rise jeans squats down… Also known as “plumber’s butt”. But, in the case of the “quack of dawn”, it would be the duck’s butt with its curly tail-feather (MUCH more attractive than the human kind; ) BTW, don’t worry if you’re still not making the connection here; ’cause the more I try to make my convoluted explanation, the less sense it makes to me as well…

        1. I’d never noticed before … or rather, never thought about, that you can’t put HTML in the comments.
          UPDATE: it was just me! You can, obviously …all of a sudden it showed up 🙂

  4. oh don’t get me started on logos. I’ve been playing around with one for my Crowing Crone Woman of wisdom site for months and still don’t like what I put together. I’ve probably spent a good 100 hours playing around!. I didn’t get the snowflake on swedavia either till you made me look at it closely.

    1. I know the feeling! Once I found out about the arrow in FedEx, I don’t see anything else when I look at it.

      Sent an email to your Gmail today..

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