Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Rocky beach by the Gulf of Bothnia
Rocky beach by the Gulf of Bothnia

How can I not take them up on this challenge?! The sea is important to me … on many levels. I grew up by the sea. The Gulf of Bothnia, which is looking very tranquil in this picture. Having easy access to it, most of my life, was a priceless benefit.

At times, I’ve lived away from the sea … and always felt ‘out of place’. I don’t think the sea likes us as much as we like it, though. We jump in, but it keeps throwing us back up again.

Bay of Fundy

The part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where we live now, is rarely warm enough to be tempting to jump in to. It’s never too far away — only a couple of minutes walk.

We can go there any time, to enjoy its many moods, to think about that time and tide waits for no man, and to be reminded of how short our time here is, and how insignificant we are.



From one rocky beach to another …






4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

  1. I have always felt such a pull to the sea – always magnetic. My brother says it’s because I lived by the sea as a child and maybe he’s right. Love these pics and really like the layout of this blog.

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