My «online life» has got a major overhaul these last few weeks. I’ve cleaned up … cancelled accounts I no longer use. In Gmail they don’t go away, like they do in MSN for example. In Yahoo they don’t go away really, either … they just become ‘dormant’ somehow.

Decided, at the same time, to change pass word. I’m ashamed to say that I’m one of those people who has had the same one for everything … it was also a real word! Booo! Now … I made up a nice mix of letters — both lower- and uppercase, numbers, special signs that only had meaning to ME.

I type just as much in my native tongue as I do in English and I easily switch between the two keyboards by hitting ALT + SHIFT. The thing was, when choosing a good password, that the special sign had to be in the same place on both keyboards, otherwise I’d go nuts! Take the ampersand for example … it’s not located in the same key in English as in my “native keyboard” … It’s number 7 on the English and 6 on the other.

Okay, I was all set and started the process. It went swimmingly until I got to outlook.com [I think it was]. There, it turned out my new password was too long?!

Now I’m all set except for our carriers page. That’s the weirdest part — you can’t change your own password online there, you have to call them up!

4 thoughts on “tessera

  1. Really, passwords are just such a pain. At leaat most places now you use email instead of having to make up a name too. That is interesting that things in your native tongue are in a different place. I didn’t know that.

  2. Yeah, now it’s just a matter of remembering which email one used.

    For example, to get the @-sign in my other keyboard, you have to use the ALT-key + 2. Then again … we have three more letters than the English too…

  3. I keep all my passwords safely stored in my head.

    Call up customer service to change your password?!? Then you better make sure that password is one you ONLY use for that site!

    1. Same here, CG … it’s all in my head, but at least now ..it’s LESS! Now I have some kind of structure 🙂

      About that carrier — yes, isn’t it insane! It’s Bell … I’ve never called them up about it, so I don’t know how they work it out. All their other sites, they have it the ordinary way…

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