a good cup of tea

IMG_1667Coffee is normally my preferred beverage. I drink it black and strong in the morning. My daily consumption is much lower nowdays, as I don’t work.

Thirty years ago, I was in England [sadly, I haven’t been back since]. I drank tea the whole time I spent there, and most of the people I stayed with, seemed to use the same brand. I so liked tea, so I bought one box of that brand, thinking I’d switch from coffee altogether. That didn’t happen … I finished the box I’d bought and that was it.

Never forgot that tea, though … I know it was probably a psychological thing — I was travelling, having fun … the whole atmosphere made me take a special liking to that.

The other day, when walking through the City Market here … in one of the little kiosks that carry ‘foreign foods’ … what do I see, if not PG tips! Immediately purchased this box, which was rather expensive, and I’m having a cup right now. It’s still good, but I think I’d glorified it quite a bit over the years! šŸ™‚


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  1. Isn’t that so true about vacations. Foods and such don’t seem to be the same once you’re home. I was in Fiji and loved the English Breakfast tea they had, but when I brought some back with me it never tasted as good at home.

    1. English Breakfast was what I used to drink back home, when I had tea … before this trip. The most common teas here seem to be red rose or orange something …

      This is very good, but okay … it doesn’t taste as heavenly as I remembered šŸ™‚

      1. My favorites right now are Earl Grey and Constant Comment. I still haven’t gone back to coffee. I sleep so much better at night and I’m convinced its the tea instead of coffee. I loved coffee so much that I would drink it all day long. I can’t have just one cup – I’m a coffeeholic

        1. I’ve been thinking of getting off coffee, myself, but I have to wean myself off very slowly. I get intense headaches as soon as I just jump one of my regular cups..

      2. I have an unrelated question, but I know you’ll be honest with me – and I’m looking for an honest opinion – I’m wondering if I should change my Germany blog name to “Berlin in the Time of War” What do you think?

        1. In one way, that says more what it is about, but I liked the first one too … because I can see the thought process behind you choosing it.
          By the way, do you mean changing the actual address/URL to it, or just the title? If you’re just talking about the title … maybe yes!

          1. Well, I changed the Germany blog name and the URL. Hopefully the change will be smooth and no one will even know the difference. Thank you so much for your input. I went in a totally different direction though and changed it to Memories of War Torn Germany. I know it’s not very creative, but it says exactly what it is. I don’t want to mislead anyone :).

    1. Oh, thank you, Thank You for giving me that link! What an enjoyable read … not only about the tea. I do allow for the water to come to full boil. What I bought here, was of course, tea BAGS. It turned out very good … even though my memories of that brand were somewhat … ‘glorified’.

      This last summer I had a SIP of instant coffee. After all these years, I thought I’d give it a try …to see if it tasted as awful as I remembered or if it had improved … just as modern technology. The answer to that was a resounding NO … no improvement there! Yukkk..

      Writing this as I’m having a cup of steaming, black coffee. In Scandinavia we drink it very strong … a brew that makes most North Americans fall off their chairs. Had a hard time when I first moved here, to find something I liked in the way of coffee , and I hardly ever drink it out, even though I think McDonald’s of all places, is the best to have a cup if you’re desperate šŸ™‚

  2. Go online to Harney&Sons. They have some heavenly tea. Paris is my favorite. It has a nice black currant taste. I have one I really like that was just at the grocery that is pomegranate. I will have to get the name when I get home.

    1. I noticed, in the grocery store, as I was looking for ‘English Breakfast’, that they even have decaf teas! Well … that’s not for me. And I want them to taste just tea … I got even fed up with Earl Grey a long time ago.

      When I’ve finished this batch I have now, I’ll start to look in to other, specialised stores…

  3. Hey there! After pondering your disappointment over this (most) current cuppa, the thought occurred that it might not have been the tea after all (whether bagged or loose; ) but the type of pot…
    For instance, did you know that the classic (short ‘n round) “Brown Betty” makes the best tasting tea? [It’s something to do with the swirling action of the water as it combines with the tea in a REAL (clay/ceramic) pot] OR the water… Of course, starting with fresh, cold water is vitally important to a good pot of tea, but also the source – the actual physical makeup/chemistry of the H2O itself – can also make a HUGE difference to the end result. So, there you go – more information than you could possibly EVER want (or need; ) about your good old Cuppa. Such a nerd, aren’t I? Hugs, D.

    1. Last night, I had another cuppa … and that, I tell you, was the closest I could ever get to the experience I had in England! I had my husband taste it too, and he was delighted. Same pot … the water here in SJ is terrible, so I always allow for it to boil for several minutes.

      I guess I did something right yesterday, and I’m also a firm believer in really thin cups! Squeezed the juice out of a piece of lemon I had lying around … Mmmm!!! šŸ™‚

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