dreams and themes

The other night, I had a strange dream … strange, because it was so ‘real’. Most often, when I remember something I’ve dreamt, it’s … surreal.

IMG_0164I was in some kind of business, most likely a car dealership or a body shop, waiting. There was a table and a coffee machine in the small room. [for some weird reason, my cat McDuff was with me too] I stood up to grab some coffee, left my iPhone on the table. I was all alone in there, the iPhone in its leather wallet that I use in real life.

When I turned around, my cat was gone and when I grabbed my iPhone wallet it was EMPTY! The iPhone and all my cards were gone! I can still feel the panic I felt in the dream.

McDuff came wandering back, I grabbed him and hugged him … which would have been difficult in real life … while I desperately wondered what that phone number was where one’s supposed to call when your VISA card gets missing.

All this caused me to take down that phone number and now I have it in a safe, separate place.

In WordPress.COM they have all those premium themes that I rarely look at because they are too highly priced. I don’t know why they set the the price so high and wonder if anyone ever buys them. Rarely have I been even tempted to buy, except one! It’s been there almost from the beginning of premium themes and its name is Linen. Can’t even explain why I wanted it — it’s not that special … just nice.

The Sidepane theme I’m using here, is the first theme I’ve ever paid for and that was a pleasant surprise. It came with so much stuff, it almost has its own control panel and you can make many customizations. Soooo … I thought that was perhaps the case with all premium themes and one day I felt like splurging … went ahead and bought Linen.

Applied it to my blog there and immediately felt disappointed! I’d wasted all that money $80 on … a very plain theme, and the adjustments I could do were … none. Some slide show in the header?!

Luckily, WordPress has that rule so you can change your mind and get your money back. Just checked and the money was in. Guess I’m just spoiled with this fine theme!

I would like to change domain name here, but I don’t know how to go about it. It’s GoDaddy.


2 Replies to “dreams and themes”

  1. Was it on http://purringly.me that you used Linen?

    I too think Linen looks classy. But I agree that at that price and on a WP.com site, it’s too much.

    I kind of like the ‘Chalk’ theme that is available from the Theme Foundry, who are the people who make Linen.

    I am not sure whether it is available for WP.com, but I am tempted by it for a self-hosted site.

    1. Yes, it was on purringly, but only for about an hour. I wonder if it had been different if I’d bought it for this, self-hosted?! Meaning … more features ‘n stuff?!
      I still like Linen and Chalk was nice too. Funny how we are drawn to certain themes, where other people would probably look like question marks.

      However; if I were a theme-maker, I’d make the three dots (…) clickable … the ones that appear when you have the front page set to show excerpts.

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