When my iPad broke down, I got to experience the best service I’ve ever had. First off, the Apple guy on the phone was so nice. Well, most of the support people are nice — in fact, I can only recall one who had a bad day, I guess. Not only that, but the speed of the whole process! The UPS guy arrived with the box on Friday and hadn’t the following Monday been a holiday in Canada, it would have been back already then! Now it was Tuesday, but still … even that was amazing.

On a different note, I’ve been using an app called DayOne for notes and journaling … I’ve mentioned it before and I still love it. If I’d had a Mac computer it would have been even more amazing.

A while back, I started to look into SimpleNotes. The thing is … and please, bear in mind, this is just a psychological hang-up that I have … DayOne stores your stuff either in DropBox or iCloud. I have no intention of paying for either one of them! My hang-up is that I will perhaps eventually fill up my DropBox account. I can afford it — it’s not that — it’s that I refuse to have another, yearly thing to pay for … that basically is just for my own pleasure.

In DayOne, it’s so easy to add a picture and you get this really neat timeline … in SimpleNotes you can’t do that. SimpleNote, if you happen to fill that up, it’s «only» $19.95 per year. Secondly, I found this really terrific Chrome extension for it, which makes it very handy to take down quick notes when on the laptop computer. I’m leaning towards SimpleNotes, but it’s as if I have an emotional attachment to DayOne *LOL*

2 thoughts on “service

  1. David

    I didn’t know you were using Day One. I am on a Mac and I started using Day One a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have it synced to anything – I prefer it that way.

    You can get a free Dropbox account up to a certain size – and it will definitely take oodles and oodles of text from Day One. I bet you could write every day for ten years and not fill a fraction of the free Dropbox limit.

    I have nvALT on my desktop and use that for long notes – and sync that to the free version of SimpleNote – ( not SimpleNotes though – not sure if we mean the same thing)

  2. rebkin

    I know … I’ve used up 0.7% of my 3.9GB.

    I tried something corresponding (for Win) to nvALT, but either I didn’t understand it, or it was something wrong with it. The Chrome extension for SimpleNote is really GOOD.

    I’ve used DayOne since April, and I love it! Would be difficult to switch *grin*


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