keeping up the blog

My posts have been few and far between for a few months now. I love my blog and really want to keep it, but I admit there have been thoughts of giving it up lately. When you’ve been away from it for some time, it’s difficult to get back in the «blogging spirit».

generic squirrel

Not too many photos have been shot this summer either. It feels as if I’ve already shot all the ducks, squirrels and blue jays I’ll ever ‘need’.

When you don’t write you also lose touch with your circle of bloggers. One, long-time follower, told me he’d unsubscribed because I didn’t update often enough!

This summer has turned out to be not too bad, compared to the previous ones we’ve experienced here! I don’t handle heat very well, and this time I’d really steeled myself … made an agreement with myself that «I shall NOT complain … no matter how bad it gets!» Well, I’ve had very little reason to complain about the heat this time — not at all like before when I thought I was going to get a heat stroke or something.

Cape SpencerWe went out to Cape Spencer the other day.  What always strikes me out there is the total silence! It’s rare that you come across real silence anywhere … there’s always some kind of ‘white noise’. I think I shall pull myself together and go out there to watch the sunrise some time soon. Gerry said he wanted no part in it LOL.

I had some thoughts about doing the same thing when we were in Bar Harbor … get up on Mount Cadillac to watch the sunrise … because I’d been told that’s the first place the sun rises in the US [not North America]. Must be a lot earlier in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland though …

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  1. I clicked on the photo of the coastline (Cape Spencer?) and it looks so untamed – rocky and tree covered – and the way it fades into the mist. Quite special. Nice photo.

    1. Thank you, David. Yes, Cape Spencer. There’s a lighthouse there too, but I’ve shot that so many times. I like those cliffs..

  2. ‘Bekah, whenever you feel like posting and whatever you feel like posting about is just FINE with me: you are NOT beholden to any of us…
    Summer here was far too late in arriving, with only (thank God) two weeks of weather hot enough to be really uncomfortable and I chastised myself for even THINKING about complaining (but it WAS brutally hot, at the time): August weather (you know, how it gets distinctly chilly as soon as the sun drops?) arrived well before the end of July and we are only in the low 20’s again this week. *sigh*
    Should you(when you) make it out to Cape Spencer for the Sun’s rise, know that I will be right there with you, basking in the glory of that “silent” morn.
    But here (with one small correction to the written lyrics: “Praise for them [new life/plants] springing, fresh from the world!”) No one’s ever said it better… Enjoy!

    1. Oh Deb ..THANK you! 🙂 …and I will go out there, it’s just a matter of making up my mind the night before. When I do, I’ll think of you …and I love that song with ‘former’ Cat Stevens — you’re right, no one says it better..

  3. I think you can feel you are repeating yourself and wonder if people really want to read the same thing time after time! I’m talking about me here not you. And yet, people do keep coming back, whether or not you post the same photos (ducks, blue jays, squirrels whatever) and write the same stories. I wondered where you had disappeared – but didn’t you disappear up north so you must have photos and stories of trips back to the homeland? Or you just don’t feel like it?

    I’m on summer hours which basically means I post sporadically, comment more, so I’m around but not posting so much. A post as and when is good enough. And yes, Cape Spencer is beautiful.

    1. Hello R!!! 🙂
      Yes, and sometimes I even have to go back to see if I’ve already written about whatever I’m thinking about! I started in January 2011, and quite often that’s the case.

      Last night I was actually thinking of writing a little about my latest trip and I will do that pretty soon.

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Don´t give up. I really like to read what you are writing. For me it´s a way to keep in touch with a friend. I remember that you wrote once that your blog is a way to express yourself and if someone else like to read thats nice but you do it beause you like it. The pictures are nice and so far is a know it it´s not the same duck doing the same thing in every picture its like I stop taking pictures of my cats beacuse I done it before. Keep on writing please.

    1. Hej Annakarin!
      You’re so right and I need to remind myself of what I said. And yes, it’s probably not the very same duck or squirrel each time LOL …or it could be. Besides it’s about time I take a new portrait of McDuff 😀

  5. I agree with what AnnaKarin says! 🙂 But I can understand where you are coming from Rebekah! I have a hard time to really get into blogging after being away for so long. Still I WILL hang on to it lol.

    I LOVE your photos, and I do enjoy what you write, even though I know it takes a while for me to come by sometimes. But then I have the more to look and read 😉 And I would NEVER unsubscribe you just cause you do not blog often enough!


    1. Hej och tack, Mona! I think Facebook destroyed a lot of our «blogging spirit». Before … back in Y360 or Multiply, we wrote silly little blogs about our daily lives and that was a lot of fun!


  6. How odd to unsubscribe because you are not getting mail and notices. When my friends go dormant and hibernate, I figure that’s ok. Now if you don’t post for a year then I may stop following but otherwise if I don’t follow, how do I know when you do talk?

    1. I don’t know … was a little intrigued, but I guess some people are a little obsessed with their «lists» or whatever …want to keep them neat and tidy. That’s alright too.. *shrug*

  7. I agree with all the comments already made. I love reading your blogs and seeing the same squirrels, deer and duckies again and again, to me it is like being part of your life, welter it’s daily, monthly or some more time apart. It is very strange to unsub just because of such a reason… I might not always comment, because I don’t always know what to say, but I like coming here.

      1. So I figured LOL

        Thank you, Gerda. I really like to have it, and won’t give it up. I’ve moved blogs a few times, but always kept the old ones … it gets like a timeline of one’s life.

  8. I’m always happy to see you here and would miss you if you stopped. But we have FB so that’s cool. I would love to see pictures of your trip “home” and read your thoughts about it all. And oh do go out to Spencer Point for a sunrise. There’s something very magical about seeing the sun rise, especially somewhere quiet like that.

    1. What a nice picture of you … the avatar!
      Nah, I won’t go away … I like the blogging too much. Moving to a different platform wouldn’t work either … once you have experienced WP, nothing else measures up.

      I’m definitely going to go out there … soon. The son will arrive from QC tomorrow, so we’ll be busy with him for a while.

  9. Its lovely to see you here again. About pictures- I dont photograph so much for the time being-because its the same landscapes, animals etc I take pictures of. I have decided to make up my mindset about this- and maybe something exciting will happen LOL.
    It would be nice to see more pictures from your trip back to Sweden.
    I have the opportunity to take “new” pictures soon, going to Öland for a short in next week- where I will find places I havent been before ( there are lots of them).

    1. Hej Annette!
      You’re in the same situation, with regards to photo, I see 🙂 I think I need to go back and look more at other people’s photos again … and get some inspiration! There are many people who live in the same place … they don’t travel much … and still they take awesome photos.

      Sounds wonderful about going to Öland! I’ve never been there … never seen the bridge!

      Will post some Sweden photos soon and write a little.. 🙂

  10. What a gorgeous place and take. So, you have a bit of a dry spell .. never mind the unsubscribers… they will be back if they know what is good for them ;).

  11. You know what, Rebekah? I think a lot of people are in the same place, for a cluster of reasons. I know I am. Basically — it’s summertime! That can be spelled V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n. Well, subconsciously I know I’m feeling I’m on vacation time. Haven’t been posting much, have been checking out other bloggers even less.
    August! In France and Germany people get 4 or 5 or 6 weeks off. No pastries in Paris, all the pastry shops are closed. In Manhattan you better not have a breakdown, all the therapists are on vacation.
    So I figure — we’re entitled!
    I make occasional appearances now, without much vim and verve — but come September! We’ll be back in form. Just hang tough for a while.
    (I’m eager to hear about the trip to Sweden when the time is right for you.)

    1. Hello J, and it’s wonderful to see you! And yes, it gets different in the Summer. In Sweden they get five weeks of vacation, but most folks take four and save the fifth week.. they can accumulate saved time and take a really long one when the employer agrees.

      The fog is dense this afternoon, and the urge to blog is slowly coming back 🙂

  12. *waving wildly* Hello Rebby!!!! I am so sorry I have been absent also…health issues (still). Anyway I can’t imagined disconnecting from you just because you did not post enough!!! 😦
    This is meant to be spontaneous & fun; not regimented & just because people want to see something from you!!! I think that ‘follower’ had a NERVE!!! Sorry I just don’t understand why people can’t just go with the flow…..
    I LOVE seeing all your photos of ducks; other birds & squirrels… have inspired me to do nature blogs about the wild critters here on many occasions & I want to thank you for the inspiration!!
    Our Summer over here has been mild also; just that one 5 day heatwave….it IS supposed to warm up this weekend here so the warmth should get to you next week sometime…..I am relieved it was not a brutally hot & humid Summer too….
    Please don’t stop blogging….I agree on 360 we were carefree & we can be like that here too!!!
    I/we have done 80+ blogs since joining here & I am going to continue on MY schedule & all my blogging friends accept that as they too have busy lives….
    ((HUGS)) to you
    & *nose kissez* frum Nylablue to McDuff ❤

    1. Sorry you’ve have health issues!!! Hope you’re on the mend…
      That was really no big deal, about the unsubscribe! Our opinions about stuff were worlds apart.

      1. Hi Rebby: I can see why you do not mind the ‘unsubscribe’….
        I am now on Trimethoprim twice daily & so far all is well….Day 2….hopefully this med works!!!!
        Nylablue is well & sends her ‘eeowws’ to McDuff!! ❤
        Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  13. Why would he/she unsubscribe because you didn’t update often enough?!? A new post will be in the reader or the inbox when it’s ready, there’s no point in rushing things either.
    I would get it if a reader unsubscribed because you updated too often – I tend to do that with my two blogs (people can get annoyed if they get too many emails).
    People subscribe and unsubscribe all the time. It’s nothing to worry about.

    1. I have no idea! I think it was a personal thing, and it’s nothing I worry about … at all 😀 ..could be OCD or something. I got rid of the email function … drove me crazy. The reader is better.

      1. Yes, the reader is definitely better. I use the reader for most blogs, but in addition to that I get emails from a selected few. Those selected few are automatically filtered in my email and end up in a separate folder, so that they don’t mess up my inbox.

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