iPad possessed

The other night, my beloved iPad went crazy. The screen went haywire, opened all apps, clicked on links … even brought up the keyboard and typed! By itself! Without me touching it!!!

This happened over and over again. Didn’t matter that I did the ‘hard reboot’. Checked  out the Apple support forums after a while and saw others have experienced the same thing, so I was not alone … at least. Finally I did the factory reset, but that didn’t help either so I called Apple. They didn’t have much to add, since I’d already done the usual things, so I just had to send it in.

This was my first contact with Apple, and it sure was a pleasant one. The guy was very courteous, took his time and really listened to my woes.

They sent me a box, together with instructions how to pack it, with UPS and it arrived yesterday afternoon. The UPS-guy was so kind, so he offered to wait while I packed it, because he was going straight to the airport! Today I got an email from Apple telling me my iPad had arrived safely!

Somtimes things really go smoothly, even though it was an unfortunate occurrence! I’m just thankful it wasn’t my iPhone.

3 thoughts on “iPad possessed

  1. David Bennett

    That must have been upsetting. I hope they put it right for you. I wonder what caused the problem?

    What did the machine type when it started typing itself ?

    1. rebkin

      It was … saddening 🙂
      This morning, I already had an email telling me it has left Louisville, Kentucky! It’s on its way … yeehaw!

      It didn’t type any words … just random letters. Everything that went on, on the screen, happened so fast … it all kept flickering around, and there was no way of stopping it except with the power switch.

      Would have been scary if it had typed words 😉

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