Back in 2008, I’d signed up for a service called FriendFeed. Don’t remember how I came across it, but it was the coolest thing at the time! People sharing links with their friends and discussing them. It was basically about web related stuff … start-ups and such. Or … at least it was in the group I was subscribed to.

I met so many interesting people, I learned a lot and most of all … it was a lot of fun! Still remember the day Google released their new and shiny browser Chrome! We all waited … excitedly for the link to get live so we could download it and try it out! Guess I never looked back, because as of that day, Chrome is my browser of choice.

Of course, there was also a lot of talk about the iPhone, which was really new at the time. Felt a little left out there, as I didn’t own one. Also had a hard time understanding how they could spend so much time and energy talking about a PHONE?! Now … I DO understand!

All of a sudden, out of the blue, Facebook bought FriendFeed and the bottom fell out of it! The very same day — all the activity just died down.

Life went on as it always does … both online and off-line, but I never forget that phase in my online life. In Google+ I sometimes experience a whiff of those times, but not the same spirit … at least not so far. I’m like a drug addict looking for that first kick, but can’t get it 🙂

In spite of my age [soon 58], I love this type of stuff and can get really excited about some new app or web stuff in general. None of my real life friends are — it’s been this way since I first went online in 1996.

4 Replies to “friendfeed”

  1. I remember everyone used to chat on ICQ, and at school we all used Napster to download music and transferred it to floppy disks (!!). Floppy disks didn’t have a lot of space, but then the amazing zip disks with up to 250mb came along! At that time it was awesome 🙂

    1. On my dial-up connection, it took more than an hour to d/l ICQ! Napster was great while it lasted … there are bunches of floppies back home in Sweden, with music from there… 😀

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