duck pond beach revisited

Duck Pond BeachWe went out for a spin. If for nothing else, so to get out of the apartment. It’s stifling hot. Brought my camera, of course, but also took quite a few iPhone photos. This first one is Duck Pond Beach, with Split Rock outside. At least, our beaches here in New Brunswick aren’t crowded. Not many people here know about this place.

My photo shooting in general has come to sort of a lull. I really should join some group, or take part in some kind of challenges, as I feel I’m not «getting anywhere». On one hand, I think I could just relax, be happy that I own a camera and keep on shooting for myself. Then, there’s some kind of inner voice that tells me I should improve … move forward, not do the same thing all the time. This particularly happens when I look at other people’s photos. Either way … three years ago I didn’t even own a camera like this and was just as happy 🙂


DSC_5803I took another one, for the sole reason I liked how the sky looked … a little fluff, like that. If you could see the other side of the waters, you’d see the tip of Nova Scotia.

All the time I followed the hashtag #royalbaby in my Twitter feed. When we got back to the city, and sat down in McDonald’s it was revealed that she’d given birth to a baby boy. A Leo…

The sun is finally setting after a pretty good day. Up here on the ninth floor, we’re in for some rather spectacular sunsets all summer long. I’m so ready for snow … it’s probably close to 40C in here.



Update 😀 the royalbaby isn’t a Leo … it turns out he was born thirty minutes before it changed. I honestly don’t care AT ALL about astrology! Perhaps it was because I’m a Leo, I happened to pay attention to that in the endless Twitter feed.

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