Just checked out the weekly photo challenge, in order to try and get back into the swing of things here, but this week’s theme «Fresh» didn’t really speak to me right now. I entitled this post ‘reflections’ and that didn’t necessarily have to do with photo but I’ll put one in anyway 🙂


A nightly shot of a lake, from my recent trip to Sweden.

What I really was reflecting upon was how quickly we … or I, at least, get accustomed to a certain behaviour! I haven’t owned the iPad for all that long — a few months — but quite often I find myself trying to tap with my finger on the ordinary computer screen! Each time it happens I feel a little silly, and laugh at myself. Has this happened to any of you who owns a tablet?

13 thoughts on “reflections

    1. rebekah

      Now that I think of it, I realise it hasn’t happened som much when I sit down by my laptop, but rather when I’m showing something to somebody else … so that I’m standing behind them. My SIL and I laughed so much at this, when I was there. I often stood behind her, showing her how to do this or that … finding myself tapping at her screen LOL

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Haven’t been “up to the cottage” for a while now… Thanks for sharing (and welcome back: )

  2. Touch2Touch

    Oh, Rebekah! happens to my husband all the time! He loves his iPad and doesn’t love his computer.
    But I have to confess, I — who don’t really use my mini iPad yet and who love my computer — have found myself doing it once in a while!!!!

    1. rebekah

      *Teehee* 🙂

      I love it even more now, since I bought the keyboard/cover for it. That was a great thing to have now, during my trip…

  3. annetteholmboe

    No not really. I have Win 8 PC with touch screen, a laptop Win7, a smartphone – and recently a tablet PC with touch screen. To the tablet I can use an external keyboard. The tablet is very handy, and I wouldnt have bought at laptop if I could have got a tablet at that time.

    1. rebekah

      I’m sitting by my own laptop computer now, and I realise I don’t do it here … only other’s — most of all when I’m standing behind someone, trying to point something out.

      I too, have a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad and it’s very convenient … love it!

  4. Cardinal Guzman

    “Fresh” didn’t really catch my attention either, but I still posted something. I think the previous WP Challenge was “golden hour” – much more interesting, but I was in the middle of moving and didn’t have the time or energy to be online.

    1. Reb

      I’ve totally missed out on those challenges, so I didn’t see the ‘Golden Hour’… a few of the ones I took late at night in Sweden may have been fit for that one.


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