getting cooked


The heat wave arrived at the same time as I. All the time I was away, I kept hearing about cooler and rainy weather here. Was hoping for a ‘liveable’ or perhaps even enjoyable summer. Not so. This is our fifth summer here and the first one was a shock … I wasn’t prepared for all that heat and humidity. It’s the latter, most of all, that makes it so brutal and miserable — the «misery index» would make it 35C here today. Poor people who have to work in this … road construction …roofers, just to mention a few!

All birds and animals seem to have gone into hiding too, except this little guy — an American Song Sparrow.

I turned off the ‘Photostream’ on my iPhone, then, for some reason I turned it on again, and they all came back?! With my brain feeling like it’s melting I had to stop thinking about this. I understand about the iCloud, the quota and all that, but when I began to think about where this cloud was and where I could get a hold of it, I gave up. I’ll just keep the Photostream for now. Think I managed to get rid of a few though. I plugged in the phone, copied all pictures I had there and put them on my external hard drive, then I deleted them. When I turned the Photostream on again, there were less! I must admit I find it somewhat confusing.

I have set up an Instagram account now and will try and be more active there so perhaps it gets to be more fun.

7 Replies to “getting cooked”

  1. The song sparrow looks like what we would call a song thrush.

    About your iPhone photos – the main repository of your photos is on your iPhone. But as an iPhone user you have automatic backup storage in iCloud if you want it, and iCloud is just a way of saying it is on Apple’s servers located somewhere in the U.S.

    Servers are just big hard drives with some extra software built in that allows them to connect with remote users.

    Your iPhone and iCloud are in sync. If you turn Photostream off, then the sync will stop. But anything you have already synced will still be on iCloud.

    If you turn on Photostream and then delete a photo off your iPhone, then iCloud will take that as a signal that you don’t want the image any more and it will delete it from iCloud so that your iPhone and iCloud are in sync.

    1. After reading what I wrote last night, I see that my brain literally was boiling! I do know what the cloud IS … I have GDrive and a few other services. What I was wondering about, but wasn’t able to express was … If you don’t have access to either you iPhone or iPad; is there a way to ‘physically’ LOOK at your files in the iCloud, like I can do in Google, or any of the other services, from the browser? I think that’s what I meant when I said ‘I didn’t know where it was’ *blushing with embarrassment* 😀

  2. I have a Mac and I just go to and log in. I don’t know whether my photos would show up there because I have never had Photostream set to ‘on’.

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