it’s been one year now…

IMG_0164that I’ve had my iPhone, so I was pretty late in this game. It was love from the get go, but I think/feel that I’m somehow missing out on one thing that seems to be very popular still: Instagram.

Before I got my phone [I had another one before], I was so eager to get Instagram … possibly just because I couldn’t. Yes, I’m easily amused, and all the others seemed to have so much fun with it. Then, when I finally got it, I didn’t really know what to do with it. I kept looking at those ‘filters’ *shrugged* … guess I should have focused more on the social part of it. In any event, it’s not too late to start — I might look into it today.

Apart from that, I wouldn’t want to be without my iPhone now. After one year, it feels like my ‘whole life’ is gathered there, and I’d let go of both computer and TV before I’d lose it, if I were forced to choose.

In July, when I bought it, I knew iPhone5 was going to be released in the Fall, but once I’d made up my mind, I went for the 4S anyway. Read up as much as I could about what they expected the new features to be in the 5, and decided I could live without them.

During my previous trip to Sweden in 2012, I used it as wifi only, as it was locked to my Canadian carrier, but this time I’d had it unlocked so I could put in my Swedish SIM-card.  Had a guy cut it out, so it would fit and I didn’t have to change my Swedish phone number.

2 thoughts on “it’s been one year now…

  1. David Bennett

    I often use one of the other photo apps, save the image to the camera roll and then import into Instagram. I almost never use the Instagram filters.

    I must do a post on the photo apps I use 🙂

    1. rebkin

      Great! Then I can do that too LOL … I hardly ever use anything else but the native Camera app, even though I have a few others.


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