it’s good to be back

Not only in the blogging, but also here in Saint John. Came back the day before yesterday … in the middle of the night, totally exhausted. I’d been awake for fifty two hours, due to some bad planning on my part. Was away for almost a month, and only stayed in Härnösand … my home town.

If I’ve missed anything from my homeland, it would be the midnight sun. Before 2004, when I moved, I’d taken them for granted, but in that first summer, it struck me how dark it got at night! My two previous trips have taken place in September/October, but this time it was Midsummer.

I’ll post a few photos here, that all were shot around 11 o’clock at night…

This is how light it is, and we’re not even close to the Arctic Circle … that’s at least 600 kilometres north of us, not sure.

19 thoughts on “it’s good to be back

    1. Thank you, Barb! 🙂 Well … this was my third visit in as many years. Perhaps, this time, I had more time to think about how things are changing … in the country as a whole, and not only rushing around seeing friends. So much is different … on many levels..

  1. Wonderful pictures, you are right the light nights are very special-and more in Härnösand than here more South. There is only one BUT about it: The long, dark winters-sometimes I feel they never have an end. What a long travl, 52 hours awake, how did you manage- I wouldnt be able to do that.

    1. Hej Annette! 🙂
      Yes, I’d love to visit Nordkap some time around Midsummer. A friend of mine was there this year and sent me awesome pictures from their trip. Those nights make up for the winters … big time 😀

      I will never travel, staying awake that way again!!! It’s not good … for the brain ..

  2. Staying awake for 52 hours sounds like a total nightmare. There’s a reason that they use sleep deprivation as a torture method.
    I had to check out Härnösand on a map and I found that it’s almost the same latitude as Trondheim. Oslo is also pretty bright these nights, but not as sunny as Härnösand. Now that Midsummer has passed, you can notice that it’s getting darker already.
    I hope you had a great Midsummers eve in Sweden. I wish that Norwegians celebrated Midsummer like the Swedes!

  3. Welcome back Rebby!!! Wow daylight @ 11 pm; that must be something!!! I might just put that on my ‘bucket list’, lol!!!
    I hope you got some well needed sleep & got yourself realigned to Canadian time!!!
    Glad you had a wonderful time in your hometown.
    Lovely to have you back too 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    1. Hi Sherriellen,
      Thank you. Now, that a week has gone by, sleep is alright again — would be even better, were it not for this heat wave!

      1. I thoroughly relate!!! it is the equivalent of 105 F here with Humidex & it is coming your way!!! Sorry! Please stay cool & give McDuff a kiss from me & from Nylablue.xo

  4. Talk about Smiles of a Summer Night! These are wonderful photos. To spend a whole month in your one-time home town, that’s an interesting experience that, no doubt, we’ll hear more about as time passes.
    Meanwhile, welcome back!

    1. Thank you, J.
      Yes, those nights around Midsummer are lovely. It was great to be there during that period … first time since I left.

      More to come 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful home, Rebekah! You must miss it terribly. Will you cross the Atlantic in the future, this time to stay?

    1. It’s a beautiful place, and yes … I do miss it from time to time.
      Will I ever go back for real? Who knows what lies ahead… not in a foreseeable future, though..

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