Came back last night … or this morning, rather, as it was half past midnight when we landed in Saint John.

The trip was alright, but tiring … gruellingly. When I made the arrangements for this trip, I was overly optimistic about my own capacity. Took a night train down to Stockholm Arlanda airport … a night train, sitting — no sleeping car. What a stupid thing to do! I was half dead already when I arrived in Stockholm, and then the ‘real trip’ had not even started. On top of that, I arrived 6 o’clock in the morning, and had eight (!) hours to spend. The stores open 10 o’clock! Took one of those airport shuttles in to the city and started wandering around.

Had a very small breakfast in some coffee shop, by 8 o’clock I realised I was wearing too much, and too warm clothes and my feet had already started aching.

Didn’t bring the real camera (thankfully) … only the iPhone. I shot this Non-violence sculpture. Knew nothing about it before, really … had only seen it in pictures outside the UN-building in NYC, so I was surprised to see it here. Turns out, as I check Wikipedia that copies of this sculpture appear in many countries. Didn’t even know that the artist’s Swedish … Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd.

Anyway, I’m back but during the last leg of the journey I was so tired I thought I was going to die.

I must say it feels good to write a post on the computer instead of the iPad. I still haven’t come fully to terms with the app there.


2 Replies to “back”

  1. I hope you are rested after your journey and that all is well.

    Travelling for so long and at night must have started to feel surreal – maybe like the gun?

    The photo turned out well. 🙂

    1. Thanks, David! Yes, surreal was the word, and it was that night train that shut the whole trip to pieces. Won’t do that again.
      One more day/night and I’ll be myself again. Right now, it just feels as if I never want to travel again.

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