20130623-234420.jpgWhen you have only about three weeks, things tend to get pretty intense … so many people I want to see, places too, photos I want to take. My SIL is pretty ‘speedy’, I sometimes wonder how she manages to keep up that pace … she’s ten years older than I.

Yesterday afternoon, we went out on a nearby island, where they used to live. I thought we were just going to drive around there for a bit, but we ended up taking a very long walk … at least it felt very long for me.

Today, we drove north a bit and out to the sea, but we stopped at a few places before that.

I don’t know if I like this WordPress app for blogging at all … I get more and more annoyed. There’s no option of inserting picture by URL, and if you upload the ordinary way, it’s very difficult to align them. All the time, I end up posting, then going in and edit from the regular web version.

4 thoughts on “intense

  1. David Bennett

    Nice photos – the waterfall looks especially nice against the trees and sky and clouds behind.

    I don’t understand what you mean about inserting picture by URL. Are you posting your pictures somewhere else and then referencing them?

    Ah, yes I see you are posting them to

    I think I will join you in the experiment so we can swap notes of failures and successes.

    1. rebkin

      Thank you 🙂 I liked how that waterfall came out too.

      Yes, I don’t want to fill upp my account with images, so I prefer to post them from Google or Flickr. In that other app, Poster, I can do that. Here, it’s also very difficult to set the size … or not really difficult, just cumbersome — especially with the speed I have here. My SIL has some kind of ‘ router’, mobile broadband, and it has slowed down considerably. I think it’s because I’ve uploaded a lot of photos … her quota has been used up.

  2. David Bennett

    Your waterfall file is 111KB, which is not that big. It’s still bigger than most of the images I upload. At 600px on the long side they are usually around 40KB.

    I am not clear what you mean about filling up your account with images. Is this site hosted with or is it self hosted on a commercial web host?

    I have been on since 2007 and I have uploaded over 800 images and the total file size of all of them is just 70MB, which is about 2% of the 3GB upload limit on

    1. rebkin

      It’s self hosted at GoDaddy. You get a fair amount of space there, but if I’m going to keep this, which I will, I need to resize them more than I’ve done up till now..

      If one wants to make a gallery, though, it doesn’t work with the ‘insert image by URL’.


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