20130612-181048.jpgWith my trip coming up — leaving tomorrow — I was thinking of how much I use my iPad nowadays, and hardly the laptop at all. Won’t bring it on this trip … only the pad. Considering how much I type every day on this … I’m very much an email person … I thought I «deserved» a keyboard. Had been eyeing this Logitech that works as a cover at the same time, without being too heavy or bulky.

So, once I’d made up my mind, I went out in the pouring rain, out to Staples, but they didn’t have a white one, so I drove across town to the Futureshop.

I’m very pleased!!! What a difference it makes to my typing — I’m always back up to my old speed.

Apart from that, I’ve looked in, a little deeper, to what they said about the new iOS, and supposedly I’ll be able to get it on my iPhone 4S. Some features will be missing, but none that seemed overly important to me personally. I’m interested to see what they’ve done to the native mail app. I don’t particularly like it, as it is today. It sure doesn’t beat the Gmail app. If I wasn’t so tied up with Google/Gmail, I think I’d use Outlook.com more. I like it. It’s clean and fresh and it works, but it doesn’t have IMAP and there’s no app for it. It didn’t get much attention in the media when it was released … perhaps because it’s Microsoft and they’re not «cool» 🙂 I have my email with this domain name set up with Outlook, and I doubt most people even know you can do that [http://domain.live.com].

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