surprised myself

Had you asked me a few days ago if I would ever consider buying a WordPress theme, I would have said ‘NO, no way!!!’. Over these last, few years, I’ve seen the premium themes they keep pushing out in WordPress.COM — I’ve only liked one [Linen], and always found the prices insane. In the range of $75 … that’s way too pricey. I’m in full understanding that it takes a lot of knowledge and work to create a full blown theme, but still ….?!

Now … yesterday, I went and bought one anyway! $39 at I saw it on another page, and fell in love with it. Don’t ask me why, it’s incredulous. One thing I like is that the sidebar is static.

What I didn’t know about premium themes, is that you get all those customisation tools with it. That’s cool, I had all that for free in theme Suffusion, but now I have this and it feels like coming home. At least it’s a one time fee.

4 Replies to “surprised myself”

  1. Hey Bekah, Happy Valentine’s Day!: )
    I went wandering through your links from the “Themes” post (thanks for a TONNE of info, btw: ) and eventually; ) wound up here… I keep looking at this seed head photo and wondering if it might be a Colt’s Foot? (Might be wrong but, to me, the little “Parachutes” seem a little too dense for Dandelion)

  2. It’s a Dandelion, for sure 🙂 I remember it well, when I took it.. One of those totally random shots, that came out nicely.

    It’s a lot of fun with the customization of WordPress, even though I think that $30 a year is a bit over the edge.

    By the way … Colt’s Foot in Swedish is «Tussilago» 😀

    1. That’s twice now that, when we’ve been discussing names of plants, the Swedish term is also the Latin/botanical name: ) It’s used for (can you guess by the proper name?) cough/lung health: ). Dandelion is also a very useful plant – and just so cheerful:D

      1. Yeah 🙂 having worked with medical terminology all those years, I always found that the word «pertussis» sounded cute, even though it’s serious…

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