an update

Previous post was entitled «getting soaked». Since then, we’ve had a mixed bag of weather … mostly nice. However, starting tonight, we’ll be getting soaked again from the remnants of tropical storm Andrea.

DSC_4528.NEFToday was nice — warm, a little overcast — excellent for photos, so I grabbed my camera and went out to look for birds. One bird, in particular, actually … I was longing to see some bright yellow colour, and he didn’t disappoint! The Am. Goldfinch made a brief appearance.

First ducklings were out one month earlier than last year … at least from what I saw! Usually I go to the park almost every day, so I don’t think I’m all that wrong. Little fuzz balls are cute as always.

DSC_4560.NEFIn a week from today, I’ll be in Sweden! It still feels a bit unreal that I’m going away, but on Thursday, going to the airport, I’m sure it will feel very real. Going to travel the usual route, Halifax > Reykjavik > Stockholm, with the only exception that this time I’m going to fly out of Saint John. The previous times, Gerry has driven me to Halifax.


18 thoughts on “an update

      1. wow that would be a rather long ride! guess it’s worth the stop on iceland. good to hear from you. nice shot of the finch!

  1. Great to see your photographs. The line of the three ducklings is very appealing – leading off into the distance and the little guy head on nearest the front. Very nice.

  2. Beautiful pictures, the Goldfinch is Very yellow. I hope you have a nice travel and holiday in Sweden hope you will enjoy to visit old places.
    I think that I have said it a couple of times that I am a great fan of Sweden, wonderful, lots of place, no cars on the motorways ( compared to here and Germany)and very hyggelige people.

  3. Afraid it’s a bit late — but Bon Voyage!
    And if it really is too late, well then, welcome back!!!!!
    Have missed you. Have a wonderful Swedish midsummer kind of time.

  4. Love your Goldfinch pic & those fuzzballs are so so cute!!! I hope you have a lovely trip & I hope you take many photos & share them here…hint, hint….
    Have fun. be safe. Come back soon.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

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