pleasant surprise

Shortly after I’d got the iPhone last year, I purchased a wallet for it, from Amazon. A really nifty, little thing that more or less could eliminate my regular wallet. I wrote a blog post about it then, because they stated it was made of leather and it wasn’t. Instead, it was sprayed with something that was supposed to smell like leather, which fortunately vanished after a few days. It stunk up the whole apartment!

I’ve used it … it’s alright …but the plastic feeling of it has irked me ever since — when I opened it up in the wintertime, it went all stiff!  I’ve never really stopped looking for the real thing, and found it a couple of weeks ago … also in Amazon. Leather, inside out, a compartment for bills and even little pockets for SIM-cards and the little pin you need to change cards. It was a little pricey, one would think, but exactly what I wanted, so I decided to go for it.

When I arrived at the check-out in Amazon, I got some weird message that it couldn’t be purchased because it would involve customs fees [it was sold from the U.K.] and stuff. This reminded me of some baseball caps we bought from CNN. When they arrived with FedEx, we had to pay $30 EACH in customs fees! They must be the world’s most expensive caps.

Anyway … I really wanted this thing, and there wasn’t any, exactly the same, elsewhere. I checked. So I contacted the seller directly, and asked what the deal was … why it was listed in Amazon when it couldn’t be purchased.

I got the nicest email back you could ever imagine! Something was wrong in their settings, they hadn’t been aware of it, but they had been puzzled why this thing wouldn’t sell in Canada when it sold so good anywhere else. They changed the settings, wrote to me again, and asked if I’d be willing to try to buy it again … in that case I’d get it for half the price!

I did, paid full price, and was refunded half immediately afterwards. Great stuff, huh?! 🙂

Today, the ‘miracle’ wallet arrived, and I’m very pleased … wonderful, soft leather.

iphone wallet


18 Replies to “pleasant surprise”

  1. Congratulations, its really something. New leather smells wonderful, and leather will not be stiff if its cold.
    I try only to buy from Amazon uk because of the extra taxes and this and that to get the stuff into the EU.
    BTW I had the same experience with at sort of wallet for my e-reader, it was said to be leather, but it is not! I will still look for at genuine leather wallet.

    1. I’ve never heard a bad word about Amazon, actually … and have had only good experiences. Going to look for some kind of pouch for the iPad and this time I’ll be careful LOL

      1. SIGH What a shame, hope you will find one some day – maybe when you travel around so you can see it physically before you buy it.

  2. I love it when you get a great service like that – everyone is happy. The wallet looks pretty cool, and at half the normal price because of your trouble with Amazon – fantastic!

  3. I’m thinking of getting one of these. I always want my phone with me and my driver’s license, but not necessarily my entire wallet. It’s a great purchase.

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