There are places I remember

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.


The title of this post, is the first line of an old Beatles ballad that I love … «In My Life». All the time I was writing up that post about ‘hiraeth‘ the other day, that song was humming in my head.

The place in this photo — that I’ve shamefully ‘snagged’ from Google Streetview — is one of the places I remember. My Mum had an old friend who owned a summer camp there. It’s probably, at least 80 kilometres from where we lived, my mum didn’t have a car, so when I  turned eighteen and got my own car, we went there to visit. This place totally stuck in my mind, and as the years went by … in my imagination it became even prettier than it was in real life — I kept thinking of it as heaven on earth … the cottage included! Even the name of the place was beautiful — Junibosand — the cottage was red, with a white picket fence and an old pump in the garden.

After about twenty years, I went back there for the first time. Perhaps the weather added to it … it was rather miserable … but also my memory had played games with me. It was pretty alright, but not as I remembered it. I may go back there now when I go back in June … just to see how I feel about it now 🙂

Another place I revisited in 2011 was a town where I lived between the years 1984 and 1987. In hindsight, I don’t know why I wanted to go there because I had no fond memories of the place or the time period … quite the opposite. To walk around the downtown area … looking up at the building where I’d lived, just brought on a kind of sadness. I tried hard to remember something positive about that time but couldn’t come up with anything. I learned a lot, though, and that in itself is a good thing, I guess.



14 Replies to “There are places I remember”

  1. I’m sorry you can’t associate good memories with the downtown area. But I think doing this helps us to be more complete as a person. I am drawn to a place in northern Michigan once in a long while just because the area holds such fond memories for me. My wife accompanied me there last time. Hope you have cheered up some, and that the trip home in June will be a positive experience for you.

  2. I love that song and now I’m singing it all around the house. My family thanks you LOL. I can’t carry a tune to save my life.

    I love going back to places where I’ve spent time in years past. Even the not so happy ones. It helps me remember things I might have forgotten. Then I can look at it with wiser eyes.

    1. Yes, that is one of my all-time favourite songs, and in a way it was good to go back there. I’m older now, and wiser … perhaps a lot wiser just because of that 🙂

  3. May I suggest that you can take real comfort and strength from recognising that it’s your sadness, part of your story, and precious.

    ‘There Are Places..’ is so poignant.

  4. Perception is everything!!! I LOVE Owen Sound so much…my childhood here was lovely; so many happy memories….even tho’ it is a bit rundown now I still get ‘warm fuzzies’ when I’m out & about. Especially when I go into the ‘old’ neighborhood…..
    When I go back to Hamilton I have such mixed emotions….I have lovely memories in some areas & other areas are bad memories…or is it just my perception???
    I would love to go back to Manitoulin Island & see if THAT magical feeling is still there….;)

  5. One of my favourite songs too.
    What a lovely idea to take a line from a song for a blog post.
    I love the way songs or certain words can provoke such emotions.

  6. Memory plays such tricks, such tricks.
    I’m not much of one for going back at all, not in this sense. Going back to places I have chosen in recent life? Yes! But in general, nostalgia and I eye one another warily.
    Thomas Wolfe wrote a famous novel, You Can’t Go Home Again.
    To which I say, thankfully, amen.

  7. Love that song too!

    And I too sometimes would want to go back to some places I saw as a Child or a Young adult. But at the same time I am afraid to see that things are no longer the way I remember. It usually makes me kind of sad… Which is silly really, as I do know that things DO change and nothing stays the same… well most things doesn’t anyway.

    Oh so you are going back to Sweden in June again? That’s nice!! 😀

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