love grows

This old Cadillac, I shot while in Sweden 2011. I don’t know what year it’s from, but I see now I would have wanted to take a photo of its wheels too.

In the grocery store, yesterday, it struck me again, how music can bring back memories! They always play background music in stores, and yesterday I heard a song I had not heard for *ages*! Couldn’t remember who sang it, but with today’s information technology at hand, that was easily fixed … the one-hit-wonder Edison Lighthouse. I don’t even know if the song really made it in North America but it was on the list for a few weeks, according to Wikipedia. «Love Grows» (where my Rosemary goes) was the title. Just an ordinary pop song, but very catchy and was incredibly popular … when I was fifteen! Released 1970. I was in grade eight and there was a Rosemary in my class. Hadn’t thought of her either, since then! She was in the ‘in crowd’ and I was not really.

School had been going really good for me, up until about the same time as this song came out — but I started to slip a little, due to other interests craving for attention. Very unfortunate but that’s just the way it was. Hearing the song now, brought back all the feelings of how fed up I was, sitting there in the classroom, being fed some information about old, Swedish kings, the Thirty Years War or some such, that seemed totally meaningless to me.

The ‘disco era’ had started, so my thoughts were probably dealing more with how I’d be able to sneak in to the most popular one in town, at my young age. Most of the times we did! They weren’t as serious about IDs back then. «James’» was the name of it, by the way. My mum worked nights in the hospital, so I had a great amount of freedom that way.

11 Replies to “love grows”

  1. Ohh your busted! Sneaking around at night. What were you thinking? 😉

    I am surprised you didn’t care to learn your country’s history. I’d guess the caddy is a late 40’s model, or there abouts. Disco was cool man! In high school, we were clean cut, dressed sharp and didn’t wear trashy rotten dirty cloths with holes cut into them on purpose. Kids today have no style! And I remember that song. That one goes back a good while indeed.

  2. Just a guess, but “your” Cadillac is early 50’s… and what a beauty: )
    Oh, I LOVED that song!
    “Love grows where my Rosemary goes,
    and nobody knows it like me!…”

    1. Thank you, Deb! It was parked outside a resto in one of the places I visited during my 2011-trip. I was amazed to see the perfect condition it was in!

    1. Sometimes songs become immensely popular in Europe, and I used to take it for granted that they were here too, only to find that no one ever heard about them. That was not the case here, but we had a group named Smokie, that was just as popular, and they apparently never made it to the US hit list. They really should have

  3. Loved that song Rebby!!! It was so upbeat!!! I love when I go shopping at the Foodland store they play oldies & I go bopping down each aisle with my cart singing…I find I am so relaxed & sometimes I buy a bit more than I should, lol….
    The Cadiliac is a beauty too!!!!

  4. Fifteen-year olds are so vulnerable and then to have all that freedom at nighttime to go out to the clubs. I was a little older, 17, when I used to tell my grandparents I was staying at my friends house, then she would say she was spending it at mine, and we’d stay out until 2 in the morning dancing and wind up sneaking into her house afterward to go to sleep. Looking back I can’t believe her parents never noticed. Isn’t it amazing to think of your life back then and then flash forward to now? Who would have ever thought…

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