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What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

This, here above, was what I got when I clicked on a link that said ‘inspire me‘ in the WordPress compose section. I could easily answer that question fully … I could write a long, and very heartfelt post about it. However, that once again brings up the question I sometimes struggle with here in the blogging world: how personal do I want to be? I’ve brought it up before, so I know many people feel the same way. In one way I want to write it — it’s so easy to get all warm and fuzzy in this little circle of bloggers, and forget it’s a public and only ‘semi anonymous’. Even though it may feel as if you “know” all these people that you’ve been ‘blogging with’ for several years … well … you just don’t. Not until you’ve met them in real life [did you know that ‘real life’ is being referred to as “meat space” online?! LOL], and even then it takes long time.

I’ve read so many, really personal blogs, and enjoyed them tremendously, but at this point, I just can’t seem to do it myself.

Now, that said, it may sound as if I have some very dark secrets in my past, which is not really the case. It’s just that when you open up about something personal — it’s then you become vulnerable. I’ve done it, and regretted it deeply afterwards.

Sooo … now that I’ve written all that, I will not write about that evening, back in 1970 … when the voice inside my head kept shouting «No, no, NO!!!» and I went against it.


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  1. Well – something changed my life totally some years back, and I wouldnt like it to be spread all over the internet.
    I had to see myself from another position so to say- find my legs and reconsider what to do with my life.
    Could I have done anything to prevent it? Not at that time? Do I regret? No
    I think that I have learned something about myself.
    I think there was a voice inside me-warning me, but I didnt hear it, because I didnt want to hear it.

    1. Well, I learned a tremendous lot too, but it took such a big chunk out of an important part of my life. Up until now, I’ve always thought I regretted it, but now that I stop and think about it … I’m not so sure. In any event, it’s pointless to speculate about 😀 I didn’t want to listen to my inner, little voice either, but those are the choices we make. There are no rights or wrongs here..

  2. I think you’re following your instincts, which is the best thing to do always. It’s not necessary to write about anything you might regret down the line, no matter how benign. I understand the feeling of friendship here too and you are right — it’s public. We can’t forget that. It’s not email. Sometimes it helps to remember this: when in doubt, throw it out. I love all your posts anyway.

    1. No, it’s not necessary, but sometimes I feel torn. Sometimes, when I’ve written the more personal posts, I find that the discussion/comments afterwards can become really interesting.

      “When in doubt, throw it out” … that was a good one that I will keep, for sure. Applied to cat McDuff it would be ‘When in doubt; Wash!’ 😀

      1. You could write only about certain parts, like about one small aspect of a larger scenario. In my son’s elementary school they were working on a project called “small moments”. They take a small moment from their lives and expand on just that moment in very particular detail. I think it’s a really cool concept. That might let you write about certain elements you’re comfortable sharing and have the meaningful discussion afterward. It’s just an idea. I haven’t tried it myself yet. It might turn into more fiction that way, I don’t know yet.

        1. It does sound like a cool idea, that I will consider. After all these years, and I still don’t have any kind of structure or theme! Fiction, probably wouldn’t be my thing, there are so many others who do that and are really good at it too. Same with poetry. If I were brand new to blogging, I’d start out in a whole different way, but that’s a little late now 🙂

          1. What would you do differently? It’s probably not too late to start a new direction with blogging. You’re the boss of your blog. That’s something I love about blogging. It reaches more people than my day-to-day job does and I’m the boss of it. Coming from you, because you have so much experience with blogging, I’d love to know your thoughts on what you’d do differently if you were just starting out. Maybe you can use that to segue into a new direction. But then I would miss your current way of posting (day-to-day life in an ideal setting) I still think about the blog you wrote about the storm coming. That was fun to live vicariously through you!

            1. I’d use a totally made-up name, for starters … and not be so specific about where I live. I wouldn’t tell people I know ‘in real life’ about it. I think I’d felt freer … somehow …

              1. I thought about using a false name but realized that my real name could be false as far as anyone is concerned, but I would feel more free. I know what you mean about telling friends in real life about the blog. I’ve told a few about it and wish I hadn’t already. I have a real life friend on Twitter and don’t write things because I’m afraid she will judge me.

    2. When in doubt, throw it out

      I like that. It’s catchy and easy to remember.
      Like Rebekah I’m also trying to balance the personal stuff. I have some posts that I haven’t published yet, probably they won’t be published either.
      I’ll read through those posts again with your catchy quote in mind.

  3. I just attended a talk given by researchers at the universities of Edinburgh and Stirling in which their investigations show that feeling one’s authentic self is a social experience.

    I think it possible to find people with whom one can hang out in the online world – but that doesn’t mean everything is for general publication on a blog.

    On the other hand, if we don’t reveal anything at all online – others won’t know who we are.

    1. Yes, it’s a matter of finding the balance. There are people in the blogging circle who don’t reveal ANYTHING at all, and it gets to be a little strange after a few years … surreal, almost! They’re there, but they don’t seem ‘real’.

  4. There have been MANY times I ignored the warning voice in the back of my head (and lived to regret it): BUT, I can honestly say, that the voice of doubt has played me for a fool as well…
    We are always where we are supposed to be, have done the things we’re supposed to have done, and all will be revealed – in time.
    Meanwhile, I’m glad that you are the person you are and have done the things you’ve done, ’cause, if you hadn’t, none of us would’ve “known” you here or experienced your artful, playful, joyful illustration of life.
    Hugs, :D.

    1. Thank you, Deb. yes, I guess that’s the way it it — we are where we’re supposed to be. I’ve said that many times, myself … but then again … there’s regret, that rears its pointless little head…

  5. Oh Rebby I so agree with you that it might be easy to pour one’s heart in a blog we need to be smart about what we share. I have to say tho’ some of the people I know online I would trust with my Life…like you! Having emailed & messaged for so many years I feel that were we to meet face to face we would get on well..
    For me the computer has brought me in touch with wonderful people I would never have found otherwise…..but like you I am careful what I share in my blogs….just in case…
    Now back to THAT night in 1970……boy you got me wondering now……lol,,,,

    1. The Internet has only brought good things to me, Sherriellen. Wonderful things.

      I’ll tell you about that night in an email

      1. Same here Rebby! The Internet connected me to this world & I am so grateful for that. I also love blog sites…this is a great way to share & communciate also.
        I would love to read about ‘that night’ in an email & all would be confidential 😉 S-E.

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