weekly photo challenge — a day in my life

Any given day in my life could look like this. Neither of us work, we do almost everything together — it’s a great life.

Normally I’m the first one to get up in the morning. My morning routine has slightly changed, the last few weeks — used to fire up the computer, first thing, but now I just unplug the lovely iPad that has been charging overnight. The coffee machine, I load before going to bed, so I just have to hit the button and the coffee is ready when I’ve washed.

Eventually, it will be time before breakfast, and feeding McDuff. He’s very much tuned in to the morning routine — he know he’ll get candy from Gerry almost first thing.

We get out most every day. If, for nothing else, to get some fresh air, shoot some photos of cute animals or ducks. That’s what I like to do!

Quite often we go out to the beach just to breathe the saline air and enjoy the peaceful sound of breaking waves.

Then there’s the grocery store — we don’t go there every day, but often. Sometimes, like yesterday, I forget something, and take a walk down to the nearest grocery store. In order to get some phone photos into this week’s challenge, I put in one from our parking garage underneath the building, that I took with the iPhone as I walked out, just to see how it would come out in the low light. Had forgotten such an important item as coffee — today is Good Friday so everything is closed down.

In the evenings, we basically just watch TV, and I let a photo I took of the Fireplace Channel represent that. Most often I watch halfheartedly โ€ฆ in the corner of my eye โ€ฆ and do something online at the same time.

This is what an ordinary day looks like for us. There are evenings when I ask myself: “what on earth have you accomplished today?!”, but there is always something, and I enjoy the life we lead tremendously.

28 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge — a day in my life

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  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Hey Rebekah! Love the idea of taking a photo on your iPhone of a photo on your iPad: ) Hmm, the iPad has a camera, right? So, I wonder what would happen if you took a photo on the iPad of yourself taking a photo on your iPhone? Thinking of the infinity shot – you know the one – taking a “self portrait” in the mirror: )
    Hope you (all; ) have a VERY Happy Easter weekend!

    1. rebekah

      Thank you, Deb. and hope you’re having a wonderful Easter too, my friend.

      The camera on the pad works exactly like the one on the phone โ€ฆ so yes, that could be a mind boggling project.

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    : )
    Such a talented girl, you are… I think your shot of the old house “peeking” out over the beach is my favourite – such a feeling of openness, infinity, freedom – in sand, sea and sky…
    (LOVE your kitty emoticon too; )

  5. Janine

    I love your life! It’s idyllic – peaceful, unhurried, low-key and nurturing. When my kids are grown and I’m retired, your life is what I aspire to.

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    1. Nylabluesmum

      Hi Rebby: it is a pretty good Life isn’t it??? I love your collection of photos; it really reflects your personality & your daily life!!! Very well done (as always)!
      {{HUGS}} Sherri-Ellen
      Nylablue sends her eeowws to her McDuff xoxo

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