No procrastination

Ever since I saw a friend’s photo, I’ve been meaning to go to the old courthouse! There they have this spiral staircase, and I have a real ‘thing’ for those! I think everyone has … and especially they who are into photography.

Yesterday, as we drove by there, Gerry said to me; ‘why don’t you just go in there now and ask them if you can take a few shots?!’ Okay, the camera was already hanging around my neck so I went in and asked at the front desk is it would be alright, and it would. It was beautiful.

They have built a new complex here –Peel Plaza — which has been rather controversial, and I just don’t get it … how they could afford to build it in the first place, when the roads are the way they are and the drinking water isn’t even drinkable. But they did it, and the same day as they moved in there, they had to move out right away, because the whole place was flooded. It’s probably haunted *LOL*

Now … here’s the old staircase!


32 thoughts on “No procrastination

      1. Janine

        Yeah sometimes we need a little encouragement but then were usually glad we did it. By the way I had to nominate 10 bloggers for the sunshine award. It’s like chain mail. I nominated you. Did you happen to get a pingback about it? I’m not sure if I did it right.

        1. rebekah

          I’ll check it out in a while, on the ‘real’ computer.

          I think you’ll notice, after a while, that there’s a helluva lot of these awards going around ! Like you say, they’re like chain mail.

          The same ones will come back, so you’ll be nominated oodles of times for the same award. I guess, the original purpose of them was to get bloggers to connect … to meet new bloggers, and some say that the ‘ping backs’ improve you search engine placement, but the latter I’m not so sure of.

            1. rebekah

              I don’t think anyone will be offended … I did that many times in the beginning, and I don’t think they got offended. Not that I know of 😀

              The basic idea is sweet, but most of the times, they come with strings attached, and after a while it gets almost bothersome to do the nominating and the questions and all that..

              It seems to come and go in cycles, or it could be because I haven’t really taken part in it..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Wow, now there’s a feat of engineering… It appears to be all self-supporting, hand-poured concrete with the exception of the “coiled” metal balister and wooden handrail. The metal strap attached to the underpart may have been an afterthought for added strength/reinforcement? I wonder what it felt like to walk up before they added it?; )
    Great perspective!

    1. rebekah

      I didn’t think of all those details when I was there, but you’re right — they don’t make ’em like that any more 🙂

  2. purpleborough

    Wow! some staircase. I doubt I would walk up but it is beautiful….incredible about your roads and drinking water…yet a new plaza…governments at work.

    1. rebekah

      I did walk up. My legs were heavy, when I got up.

      Yes, that’s a great example of politicians at work. We got a new mayor after that decision and I had my hopes up for him, but now I don’t know….

    1. rebekah

      Thank you, Joss! Think I’ll post more in the other, photo site in a while. Turn one b/w, and that wasn’t bad either…

  3. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    Its fabulous, to be honest, I cant see if it is from downstairs and up or the opposite.
    It makes me a little rundtosset.
    Its a magic picture.

  4. Nylabluesmum

    BTW I don’t have you on my list here which is why I am missing your posts…it says I am ‘following’ you tho’?? Odd isn’t it??

      1. Nylabluesmum

        That explains it then!!! I re-followed your blog & it sent subscription & you are back on my list!!!! Whew!!! I would not want to lose you 😉

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