green pepper corn

Green-PeppercornsFor a few days now, I’ve searched the grocery stores here for green pepper corn in brine. I can’t find them! Had a couple of nice steaks planned for today’s supper, and thought I’d make a sauce with them, that I’d seen the guy on TV make.

I’d checked our two, nearest, grocery stores already, for these green pepper corns in brine, to no avail. I was a little surprised, because back home, they’re just as common as any other pepper.

Today we were going downtown, to buy camera adapters to our respective tablets, and the store’s next door to the biggest grocery store, so I decided to check and ask around there too. Couldn’t find it and they didn’t know what it was.

Made the sauce anyway … without green pepper corns, and without brandy, but it turned out pretty good even so. Tonight when I googled it, I see the regular spice producer, McCormick makes them so … guess they just didn’t carry them here.


We tried the camera adapters when we came home, and they worked beautifully. When I go on my trip to Sweden, in June, I won’t lug the heavy laptop around … it will stay here at home. With this, I can download my photos to the iPad each evening, and just send them away to Picasa or Flickr for storage. Great!

8 thoughts on “green pepper corn

    1. rebekah

      There are dried ones too. Bulk Barn! Never thought about that, but now I will 🙂

      Usually, the bottles look just like the ones with capers …

  1. purpleborough

    I don’t understand cooking.
    Since I am on my learning curve with my new iPad could you perhaps go into more detail on what you added to download photos and then on to P and F.

    1. rebekah

      Yes, The camera adapter is just like a little piece of cord with a plug in each end. $29. The pictures will be uploaded to your iPad in folders. To send them to Picasa or Flickr; when you’re in your Picture folder on the Pad, in the top right corner, there’s a symbol that looks like a little square, with an arrow coming out of it. Tap on that, and it will all be revealed LOL

      1. purpleborough

        Thank you. How clever. I will be glad when I learn what all the little symbols are…I downloaded the user guide. Alas, I have not had time to read same.

  2. Nylabluesmum

    Hi Rebby: I just learned something new!!! Are Green Pepper corns sweet or spicy or hot?? I have no idea….lol…
    I am a Parsley & Celery Seed kind of girl 😉


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