MacDuff tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum)

…is our beloved cat, in case anyone had missed that 😆 He has a tartan, I just found out.
It’s MacDuff, but … close enough.

Anyone who lives with a cat, has probably wondered many times, what’s going on in their heads.

For Christmas, we had a large poinsettia placed in a kind of stand made or wrought iron. Was meaning to put that stand away, but it just hadn’t happened, so it was left sitting there on the drawing room floor. I’d moved it a bit, when I was vacuuming, and all of a sudden he took to placing himself inside of it. Time after time! Once, I saw him doing it … how he ‘backed himself’ in, in the right position. I thought that looked kind of cute and as he seemed to like it there, I figured a cosy tent or cave would be nice. I hung a little blanket over the stand, with the opening towards the room … the way he most often is lying in. He never went in there — he stopped going there altogether! I took away the blanket — he’s back!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!




19 Replies to “McDuff”

  1. And a Happy St Patrick’s Day to you as well, Rebekah! Wikipedia says that, “McDuff is a surname. It is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Dhuibh (Mac = son, Dhuibh = dark/black)”, so, as it turns out, you’ve named him well: )
    I have roots on both sides, however, there may be (a few) people of Irish & Scots origin who have (just a wee bit) to say about that missing vowel and what difference it makes from one name to another (be they Celt or Gael; )

    1. Hi Deb,
      yeah, I knew about the ‘son of black’ …my husband is really into Gaelic stuff, and yes, he was aptly named. We talked about many names before he came home to us, and as soon as Gerry suggested McDuff I fell for that!

  2. I love cats so much. I had a cat, Mindy (named after Mindy from “Mork and Mindy” – a television show in the 80s, which was when I had my cat). One Halloween she took to sleeping next to the pumpkin I carved. After a week the pumpkin started to rot; I felt so bad about having to throw it away. Mindy probably thought I was just being mean. But she just went back to stretching out in patches of sunshine all over the house.

    1. I remember Mork and Mindy … it was on in Sweden too. It’s good to have a cat … haven’t really lived without cat since 1986. Three, all in all.. 🙂

      1. Your McDuff is a gorgeous kitty, who by the story you told about the blanket, is just what I love about cats: they are mysterious and in that mystery is where they are so endearing. She wants what she wants but who knows why on Earth! ☺So cute.

  3. Well, McDuff was letting you know in no uncertain terms – no cover, please; that way, he can see what’s going on all around him! He knows what he likes!
    I like his tartan – mine is a bit dull in comparison (I’m a Williamson from the Gunn clan).

  4. Most animals appear to like ‘dens’ so I’d also would have thought your addition of a blanket would have improved his den, but McDuff obviously thought otherwise LOL

  5. Hi Rebekah! I nominated you for an award. The Reality Blog Award. If you want it, you can go to my site and copy the image and place it on your blog. You can also answer the questions and answers if you wish that you will see in my post there. 🙂

      1. I don’t have any instructions and wasn’t provided with any. I just modeled my post on about it after the person who nominated me. I don’t know if she had instructions either….I’ll do a search about the award and make sure there isn’t something else we need to do…

  6. Yow yow McDuff…dat is sum tartan you got dere…maybee yer Mum n Dad can find you a blankie wif dat on it 😉
    you haz da Hu’manz all puzzlin az to why you are under da plant stand….we won’t tell dem ok?? It’ll be our little seecret, MOL!!!!!
    Lub n ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue

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