Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

We rarely eat lunch as such … we don’t work, and our eating pattern is somewhat different to what mine was while I had a job. We rather eat lupper, as we have supper quite early … around three, four in the  afternoon. I don’t like to eat a heavy meal late in the evening … personally I find the less I eat after 6 o’clock, the better.

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about  «cooking anxiety», or how I don’t like to cook. I find that I don’t really DIS-like it either … for me, it’s more a matter of staying organised and well-planned. For several months I’ve watched a Canadian cooking show in the afternoons … half an hour every day, with the same guy [http://www.cbc.ca/inthekitchen/] — he makes it sound so fun and easy so you really want to ‘go out in the kitchen and cook up some fun’, as he finishes each show with.

For today, I’d decided to finally try out one of his recipes … and shrimp chowder. I’d planned so I had everything at home and it turned out scrumptious — we both thought so. I added some salmon in order to make it a little more filling, as this was our main meal for the day. Then I checked out this week’s photo challenge and that really came in handy. Picture shot with the iPad.


Shrimp chowder

…and here’s a link to the recipe for anyone interested.



35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

  1. Mysoresoul

    love the photograph, the central focus gives it a focal point, I love shrimp or in Scotland prawn and so do my two cats Timmy and Tiger who love the king prawns, Timmy I put his on the floor which he shakes first and then Tiger likes his hand fed…..the life of spoilt cats. 😀

    1. rebekah

      He he! Our cat is Mc Duff and he really likes his shrimp too! Strangely enough he hears when I take out frozen shrimp out of the freezer. He doesn’t care about any other plastic package that comes out of there — somehow he makes the distinction?!

      1. Mysoresoul

        yep so do mine, then normally rinse cold water through the sieve, they hear the water on sieve and they are there at my feet, but when I show them it carrot or bean what ever it is they are off in a sulk, I sometimes buy unpeeled prawns and they sit with me om the kitchen table going one for you, one for me, I am peeling tiger is licking the juice off my fingers, the when the dog realise that food is about whether he likes it or not he will eat it as long as the cats don’t get it all lol There are pictures of the cats on my blog if you want to see. 😀

  2. Janine

    You finally cooked one of his recipes! Good for you. The photo you took is so beautiful..the bowl and the fuzzy edges. Is the fuzzy edge exclusive to the iPad?

    I got your comment on my page Brie and Dill and, once again, I am grateful for your advice. I created a secondary blog before I came over to thank you. I tried to set up a domain with Google but everything was suggesting Google Apps for Business and asked for my business email etc…since I am so ignorant with all this do you have any insight on whether Google Apps is the same as buying a domain at Google?

      1. Janine

        Thank you for the help! With the “settings” I found exactly what your screen shot showed and I’m in! I have the domain. 🙂

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Oh Rebekah, you are just having ‘way TOO much fun with your new toy! ; )
    Nice photo: great colour – love the blurred edges: )

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  6. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    OMG Bekah, I just went on his blog page and I can’t believe how instantly ravenous I became!!! But, I gotta tell ya, your photo of the Shrimp Chowder is ‘WAY nicer than the one on his page though… Maybe you should offer them your services as a food stylist?; )
    Not usually watching TV at 03:30, but I’ll have to see if I can remember to take a boo next week. Thanks for the link: )

    1. rebekah

      It’s well worth a watch — Imagine!! This guy changed my approach to cooking!

      Food photography is really difficult — I was lucky with that one!

  7. Annakarin

    Great photo, if it hafe as god as the picuture promise it ´s tasting great.
    We are having shrimp tonight, Madde och Ludde has parked in the kitchten since I took the shrimps from the frezze.

    1. rebekah

      It really turned out well, and it was quick too, since I had pre-boiled potatoes.

      Yes, McDuff was parked there, by the kitchen counter. I can’t resist those eyes, and he gets taller and taller … paws stretching up, as he looks at me. I just cave in and give him some 🙂

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  10. Touch2Touch

    Glad you had the link already there. I got instant hunger just looking at the photo.
    LOVE shrimp, any way at all. But chowder sounds especially great.

    1. rebekah

      Yes, it was easy — I’ll definitely make it again, and I’m going to try more of his stuff! We both liked this chowder very much!

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  12. John

    Well that sounds awfully good and not so heavy. I’m inclined to agree with you about not eating late. I have always paid a price for doing so…..in the form of restless sleep if any at all. Thanks for the recipe link.

    1. rebekah

      Yes, it was filling, but I didn’t feel stuffed afterwards.

      The sleeping, was why I started to pay attention to when I eat. I got restless sleep too, and often nightmarish dreams..


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