I’m so happy

… so I wanted to share this feeling with my fellow bloggers! As of today [a few hours ago], I’m the proud owner of an iPad, and I already love it!!!
This is the first post, typed up on it 🙂


44 Replies to “I’m so happy”

    1. That will be the case here too, I suspect … but, there’s still the photo processing.

      All the apps I have on the iPhone were there, in the cloud, ready to install. Great stuff 🙂

      Sent from my iPad

    1. Yeah, and the thing is, about these gadgets … it doesn’t fade! I’ve had the iPhone for about a year neo and I’m still excited about it!

        1. I have two ID:s for this account — don’t remember how that happened, I used to sign up for the domain … and then I don’t know what I did 😆

          That’s why

  1. Congratulations on your ‘new edition’…this post looks fab. Never know it was on something that small. I am wondering if an iPad would be a good idea next time around for me. I am fed up with laptops & desktops…I would like something portable & compact without being too small to operate….
    My other prob is the cost of replacing battery in my laptop….I can’t afford the prices…what does the iPad run on?? I am very curious now…

  2. Well … I haven’t come thar far that I would let it replace the computer. But that’s me — I do a lot of photo processing in Photoshop and I couldn’t do that here. But things happen so fast and the online tools for photo editing are getting so much better all the time.

    The iPad uses battery. I’ve never had to replace a computer battery, but I can imagine they’re costly !

    1. Can you store pix on an iPad?? I don’t use Phtooshop so that would be all right for me.
      Battery for my laptop is at least $125. I did buy a used one locally for $20. & it lasted 2 weeks & died. The original battery only lasted 1 1/2 yrs. Can you recharge iPad battery? I will ahve to research this som day…. 🙂

      1. Oh yeah, lots of pictures!! I think one can get some kind of adapter to transfer pics from the camera to the iPad. I haven’t had to do that, obviously.

        The battery lasts for 10 hrs (or so they tell me) so I put it on charge every night. I still have 44% left, and i’ve been using it most all day…

        1. I am lovin the idea of an iPad. That battery sounds great. I have another question: With an iPad do you need an actual Internet connection via the telephone like we do for desktops & laptops??

          1. Well, that depends. My iPad is wifi only, so I need an Internet connection. We have a wireless modem here, so that’s fine. However, if you add a hundred bucks, you get an iPad with cellular connection (or whatever they call it), but then you have to sign up for a plan with Bell or someone. Then it will work everywhere, where there’s cellphone coverage, so that’s pretty cool.

            1. I have Wi-Fi on laptop….I can get a signal here….I would not need cellular connect….I could get wireless modem….it is ‘do-able’ 🙂
              Staples has them on for $200. I wish…… 😉

                  1. If you get wifi on your laptop, and don’t have it yourself, it’s probably some neighbour who has an unsecured connection LOL

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