Travel theme: Bridges

Ailsa’s theme challenge is «Bridges» this week, and it’s up until Thursday so I thought I’d put in a few bridges that have had some kind of meaning to me. I’ve never thought about it until now, but I have oodles of bridges in my files and even more that I want to take (Confederation Bridge, just to name one!)

I’ll start with our very own Harbour Bridge, here in Saint John.



Here, a cute, little bridge in Härnösand, Sweden

Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark

I just can’t do this ‘bridge-post’ without the Quebec Bridge across St. Lawrence River. Photography wasn’t really ‘my thing’ while I lived there, and this was shot through the car window, but still… it’s an impressive bridge!

Another bridge from Sweden … across the Ångermanälven [Angerman River] … the High Coast Bridge

…and the same bridge ‘under construction’, when I had the pleasure of going up on top of one of those pylons


29 Replies to “Travel theme: Bridges”

    1. It hasn’t been there all that long! Would have liked to get a closer shot, but it didn’t happen. Used that bridge when I arrived, but it was dark and I was on a train.. that was 2011..

        1. Yeah, it was really cool … I’d never been in that part of Sweden before. Visited my niece before going up north to my home town..

          1. I looked at your bridges again and realize I thought the cute little bridge in Sweden was the one connecting Denmark and Sweden. I was viewing it on my phone. I thought they were that close together from that photo. Geography has never been my strong point

    1. It’s 2,5 miles.

      The other one, I’d had ‘in my head’, and wanted to take it. Had to climb down on slippery rocks, down to the channel to get it, but I was pleased 😉

  1. You’ve obviously got a head for heights!

    I try not to do too many photo challenges as I think they get a bit samey and boring, but this is a tempting one, I think I’d include Sydney and its Newcastle counterpart, the Tasman bridge in Tasmania, some from Amsterdam and Venice, the Humber bridge in the UK, and the only one I can think of here in Gib is a tiny pedestrian one in the botanical gardens! Hmmm, might yet do it.

    1. Usually, I only do the weekly WP-challenge, but ‘bridges’ got tempting 🙂 Looking forward to seeing yours, if you do it ..

  2. LOL! The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the St. John Harbour Bridge was hearing “Harbour Master” Denny Doherty introduce “Theodore Tugboat” – a show on TVO (TelevisionOntario) my son used to watch when he was little…
    Love how you centred the church spire through the birches – such a beautiful, calm day: )
    That St. Lawrence Bridge shot? My parents took that same picture 50+ years ago; )
    And HOLY COW! I’m white-knuckling it here at home, while my guts do flip-flops… (I HATE heights): But great perspective: )

    1. I never really liked going across the Pont Pierre LaPorte … it’s such a bottle neck, and the few times we had to cross it, it always seemed to be rush hour..

      That one from the top of the pylon is a paper photo that I scanned. I had another one, where you could see the ferry down below as a little yellow dot..

  3. these are great and each one unique. The Pierre Laporte Bridge brings back a lot of memories and who knew there was a bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark? You would be disappointed in the Confederation Bridge – it’s like driving between two cement walls. Well, actually, that’s exactly what it is. There is no view and no sense of even being on a bridge. What were they thinking?

    1. Would be interesting to hear about those memories, Joss 🙂

      It’s not from the bridge I want to shoot … it’s the bridge itself …from where it begins … especially when there is a little fog ..

  4. I love bridges and I love the shots you showed us, especially that romantic bridge in Sweden! I was sure I would also see the covered bridge… (if that is the proper name for it, you know, like in Bridges of Madison County), but alas…, it will keep until another challenge. 🙂

    1. Gerda,
      When I’d decided to do this bridge-post, it turned out I had to limit myself … more and more images popped up in my mind — covered bridges included — but I had to stop somewhere 🙂

  5. Great shots! 🙂

    I love bridges. When I was in London I tried to cross as many as possible. Its amazing how much the view changes from one bridge to the next.

  6. Aren’t bridges fabulous?? I love your photos.
    Love the contrast of the Confederation Bridge with the bridge in your hometown….both beautiful in their own way!!!
    ((HUGS)) Sherri-Ellen.

    1. Yes, it’s a cute, little bridge. Härnösand is on an island … or two, rather. They built two of those little bridges for its 400th anniversary 1985..

  7. Some terrific shots of some very photogenic spanners Reebekah. Love that high view from the top. Quite a perspective!

    1. Thanks 🙂
      that one from up on top of the pylon was shot in 1996, I think it was … borrowed some little camera from a friend, and shot a whole roll.

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