not only smorgasbord

Smörgåstårta… there is also smörgåstårta [sandwich cake]! When I started to plan this post, I must have been hungry! The other night, I was searching for something [else], and came across a page in Wikipedia about Swedish cuisine. I found that interesting so I started to read and look at the pictures of various, Swedish dishes, thinking that they’d missed a few … still, it was pretty good. Made a mental note of that there was perhaps some material for a blog post at some point, when I was at loss for subjects.

Smörgåstårta med bubbelThat idea popped up already tonight, or rather … one particular thing/dish, that I thought they’d missed, namely «SMÖRGÅSTÅRTA». Started googling it, and all the images showed up before me! I felt like I hadn’t eaten in many days … almost drooling in front of a computer screen! That’s how good it is!!!

Had I been a younger person, with a little bit of capital to invest …coming to North America, I would have started making and selling them myself! On a small scale at first, of course, allowing for the rumour to spread by word of mouth, and in the long run with careful marketing I would have had a success at my hands. Who wouldn’t love the scrumptious smörgåstårta?!

SmörgåstårtaWhen they’re made at home, they come in many shapes and sizes, and with different ingredients. The one here in the picture is a rather traditional one, even though I don’t see any rolled up cheese slices. I’ve seen ones slices of kiwi — that’s unusual but a brilliant idea. You just layer white bread and put in smoked salmon, cooked ham, chopped boiled eggs … like I said; only your imagination sets the limits.

They are immensely popular … many people make them, themselves, but you can also buy them in bigger grocery stores. If you’re going to have a bunch of people in for a gathering, you can order them beforehand from the store. They’re all good … I’ve never been disappointed in any of them. Question is also … I wonder if it’s any cheaper to make them at home … to buy all the different ingredients. In the store they are sold buy the kilo. I wouldn’t know for sure though — I never made the calculation.

It’s a good idea to make it the day before you’re going to serve it. I’ve found that they get even more succulent, when all the goodies in between the layers get absorbed by the white bread.

SmörgåstårtaAdditionally to what you see in these pictures– in between you can put mayo [there’s always mayo involved], sour cream mixed with relish, liver paté, chopped eggs mixed with likewise chopped shrimp in the mayo … only your own imagination sets the limits, but dill and mayo are two, important ingredients.

I can’t think of anything more scrumptious than smörgåstårta.

This is part of the Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text. All images from Flickr-user Islandet, because I didn’t have any of my own.

It would be purringly good to have a wedge right now! 🙂

23 thoughts on “not only smorgasbord

  1. In Denmark we have a tradition where we after finishing “studenten” drive in car ( lorries or charriot) all of us from the same class. We visit all our homes, and one of my classmates came from Sweden. His mother had arranged different sorts of smörgåstårtar – I thought it was lagkager ( Danish cake with cream and jelly and other sweet things), it was a totally chock. I expected a sweet, smooth thing and it was something with- I think it was cheese. But anyway, it was very tasty, and was absolutely better together with red wine and all the other things we got to drink on our tour ( we were 23 in the class so we visited 23 homes and got something to eat and DRINK in every home).
    If I was a little drunk when we had been the whole tour? I think so LOL.
    The day ended like this: we came back to the school, and should eat dinner with all the teachers and all the students from the other classes ( 5 classes all in all).
    We liked to sing very much in my class, so we started singing ( again, we had been singing the whole tour), but then one of the teachers told us to stop, or we could leave.
    I left – my first and last big protest at that school.

    1. Hej Annette,
      They had a similar tradition in Sweden, about “studenten” … at least about the lorries and all that. “Studenten” as such was removed many years ago … nowadays nobody can fail (!), but it was as if after they removed it they all went crazy about the white caps and the celebrations. It became more than it ever was before. Now they have champagne breakfasts, and the gowns the girls wear for the ball cost thousands of crowns.

  2. Beautifully presented in the photos, and your blog as always, so interesting. A similar ‘loaf cake’ was served by Idarig for a party years ago, in lieu of an expensive sweet birthday cake. Thinking back I recall ham layer, egg, and one other forgotten layer (cheese maybe), it was just lovely, festively decorated with cherry tomatoes, olive slices and cucumber slices I thought it was a perfect idea for a bar party. Don’t remember anyone else around here ever doing another one….odd since there are many Finns/Swedes/Danish here. Anyway… nicely done Reb.

    1. why, Thank you, Angh! That was kind of curious, since Idarig … if my memory serves me right … was from Texas?! It’s odd, as there are so many people of Scandinavian descent … that nobody has introduced this, as I’m sure it would be well liked. Lots of ‘room for customization’ too … what bread to use and what to put in there. Pumpernickel would be interesting to try, for example…

  3. Smörgåstårta is the best food ever. Perhaps I shall move to Canada? We can start a small business togehter ? Smorgåstårta, cinnamonrolls and other thing ?

  4. *drooling while reading this blog*…
    I think I almost shorted out the computer drooling so much!!!!
    I was just talking about Smorgasbords with friends last weekend & then your delicious blog appeared!!!
    Great minds think alike 😉
    ‘Scuse me I have to go eat now, hahaha..

  5. Ouch, Rebekah! I was hungry to begin with and then I clicked on these enlargements and was overtaken by a ravening fit of hunger!
    So interesting, but I can’t take time to tell you, I’m off to the kitchen for something to eat.

    1. John,
      Yeah, they are scrumptious! Had some, now when I was back there.

      I wonder why no one has introduced them here… I think it would fly, easily..

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