purringly curious

The URL/web address to my blog is http://purringly.me. I typed in the word “purringly” and did a Google search. Oodles of hits. Not until on the third page did my blog show up.

Then I went to bing.com and did the same thing. My blog showed up in third place! Wow … that’s quite the difference, huh?!

This doesn’t really bother me — it’s not as if I was going to make a brand for myself … I’m not selling anything.

Here in Canada we have a show on national TV called Dragons Den. Five wealthy “dragons” … multi-millionaires really, invest their own money in ideas or products that hopeful entrepreneurs pitch to them. There’s a similar show in the US but I forget the name of it. I think our Canadian Kevin O’Leary is in the American version too.

Most of the time, the ideas are plain silly and it’s unfathomable how seemingly sane people have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on this junk .. even mortgaged their own homes!

Nevertheless, every now and then something really good comes up. While I was doing my own Google search for my blog name, I was thinking about all the money and effort that’s put into a good brand … before you have managed to get it in to people’s minds and psyche … even made it a trustworthy brand! That must take millions of bucks.

When I first came to Canada, everything was new to me … take appliances, for example. Maytag didn’t mean anything at all to me! I remember, we were going to buy a new coffee machine … «Hamilton Beach?! What’s that … is that good?», I asked Gerry. In the food aisles, I didn’t have any thoughts though … there, it was pretty much the same familiar products 😉 Cosmetics, soap and shampoo too.

ringnecked_duckAnd here is a Ring Necked Duck I saw the day before yesterday. In the wintertime we get a whole different set of ducks here… Buffleheads, Golden Eyes … we never see them in the Summer.


16 Replies to “purringly curious”

  1. My site doesn’t show up straight away either for x number of pages, as you say, unless your marketing something it really isn’t all that important. I bet you were unfamiliar with several products.

    1. Same here, it really doesn’t bother me at all. Just found it odd that the results were so different.. Yes, so many products, and other I’d believed to be Swedish all the time LOL Many surprises there 🙂

  2. First time on Hawaii I spend a lot of hour trying to find out what food to buy. I takes time to learn. But its fun tasting a lot of stuff you haven´t got a clue what it is.

    1. Here, it all looks the same … not many differences in the grocery store. But I have tasted a lot of new stuff of course … and that is so nice! 🙂

  3. I never thought of the products being any different as so many things are made somewhere else. It doesn’t surprise me though. My friend who lives in Spain now can’t get her favorite things she used to buy here in the US.

    1. I’d never thought much of this before I moved. I had lived in my little ‘pond’, so I thought Nivea and all that stuff were Swedish brands LOL … When it came to appliances, G.E. was the only one I really recognised because I’d seen that on a certain type of coffee machine..

    1. LOL he’s sleeping in his condo underneath the kitchen sink tonight … we have some weather ‘disturbance’ in the offing 🙂

        1. Ha ha! No, he’s not out yet. He must have a built-in clock. It all happens at the same time every night. He gets out of his place, and then he sits here, beside me … looking at me until I get up. If I don’t get up, he starts to meow … first just a little mew, then he becomes more demanding. There’s just no way to resist those eyes.

  4. Hi Rebby~ I remember going to the States back in the 70’s & falling in love with Smucker’s Jam. We couldn’t get it here in Canada. Our brands tasted like paste to me!! I was thrilled when the country finally started importing Smucker’s & have been a loyal customer for many years!!!!
    I think we take it for granted about brands in a country. I wonder how good I’d be in your homeland shopping for food or appliances, lol….
    On another note the ring necked duck is cute cute cute!!!!

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