20 Replies to “Facebook pages”

    1. thank you … and good for you! I signed up 2006, when hardly anyone knew about it, and now it feels like I can’t leave! Not because I like it so much … but … *shrug* .. the people there.

  1. I like the @ cat with paw in the middle! FB…I am there for info on some people I know but never post much of anything. As for WP and FB…like you…that got a sentence so I think I disconnected that function.

    1. Thank you, Linda! yes, I wanted ONE color in it.. not just black and white.

      Facebook is pretty much what you make of it … or, perhaps rather, what your friends make of it 😀 If they didn’t want to take time out to click through, I certainly didn’t want to have that function there.

  2. I love the graphic. I “liked”you on the FB button. I hope it worked. Meant to comment on your other post that I’m so sad Downton Abbey is finishing the season already. What now?!!

    1. Thank you, Janine 🙂 I think it worked … maybe, but somehow you don’t appear?!

      About Downton Abbey … that’s exactly my question: What now? I used to have two other shows that I followed … Homeland and Flashpoint. Now, there will be none.. Bleh

      1. “Bleh” I like that word. Do you see a photo of a girl with huge sunglasses on the FB? That would be me. It’s my FB pic. I don’t have it connected to my blog. My husband loves Game of Thrones, maybe I’ll try it out. But I’m still recovering from Sybil’s death!

        1. Now I see it … hadn’t refreshed the page 😆

          My husband has his favourite show Justified, but I can’t really get into it, no matter how I try. He used to watch Sons of Anarchy too, which wasn’t either my thing.

          Sibyl’s death was a shocker! I hope, at least, that there will be another season… I started watching it by pure chance… normally, this wouldn’t have been my choice, but I got hooked right away … just as I did with Sopranos. I have an eclectic taste *grin*

  3. I do the FaceCrack link. It used to bother me that the comments didn’t come over but hey….if that is where those people want to read it so it goes. Same reason I now cross post to Tumblr where I have all of 4 followers. I just figured I would go where the people are.
    As for shows…I will have Girls through 3/24 and Mad Men starts 4/7 so I am in good shape there. Plus I do enjoy Elementary especially since it looks like Sherlock may not be back until 2014…

    1. Your attitude is much nicer than mine 🙂 I think I get too easily annoyed. Tumbler, I’m totally missing out on. Had it set up for a while, but I didn’t get it …what it was good for. I have yet to check out Mad Men … but now I’ve missed several seasons?!

  4. I have commented on FB to your blog but it was just to let you know I had read it. I read it in my email.

    1. That’s all good 🙂 … What I was talking about were the ones who obviously had read the first sentence and commented on that. But honestly, the problem was MINE — since I’d posted it to FB, I should have expected this to happen … so I stopped 🙂

      For a while, when I had the self-hosted blog, there was some kind of plugin that made comments from FB appear in the blog and that was pretty cool … when it worked 😉

  5. Love the way you made that @ sign into your personal Cat Sign!
    As usual, you make it all sound easy — sometimes it even is.
    As for Facebook, I figure my friends will read it there or they won’t, I’m just sending out showers of arrows whenever I post and who knows what the h*** ever happens to them.
    On Valentine’s Day — maybe the arrows will have some power of Eros behind them!

    1. Well … I made it myself in Photoshop. For the longest time, I’ve wanted a ‘logo’, with a cat inside an @-sign … by dragging the tail all around the cat. I wasn’t able to do that, because I’m not all that handy with Photoshop, so I did it like this instead..

        1. I started to learn that back in Y360. Thanks to two friendly ladies … one in San Diego and the other one in Hawaii, I got the hang of it 🙂

            1. Honestly … I don’t know how much it has to do with intelligence vs. the desire to learn. This is so much fun, and I totallly love it, when I get one of those aha-moments!

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