IMG_0990Last night, I got a text on the iPhone from a friend out in Oklahoma. She  told me she’d got a stylus for free in a Walgreen’s, and that she could use it on the iPhone. The thing was … «stylus» is a word I’ve seen go by, without bothering to look it up. I figured it was some kind of pen … thinking of the French word for it, but never thought more about it. She sent me a picture of it instead.

Then I realised we got one of those with the cover for the tablet, we bought a while back. When it arrived, I looked at that ‘stylus’, but I’d had it all wrong — I thought they were meant for writing by hand, drawing on the tablet! I tried that and found it too awkward, then put it aside and forgot all about it. One end had ink, the other was rounded and made of some rubbery texture.

Well, now, in my text conversation, it was revealed to me that it’s supposed to be used for typing! Ha! With the rounded tip, you hit the keys on the little keyboard on your phone.

After a while we found it, so I could try, and it worked like a breeze! I noticed, while I was using it, that I made less typos … sometimes my fingers feel like sausages on that small display.

In the local news here, yesterday, I learned that the water main that broke during the blizzard, was 140 years old! Wow … that’s a real vintage water pipe! That somehow made me think of TV-commercials … «But Wait! There is more!!!» 🙂

In the park, someone had put out a lot of goodies for the animals … pineapple, strawberries and boiled eggs! A real ‘smörgåsbord’!


23 Replies to “stylus”

  1. That has to be the cutest and greatest picture of a squirrel I have ever seen. I use both hands on the keyboard so I never use the stylus. But I also think of the French word for pen when I hear it and called it a stylo at which my 8 year old tech savvy boy would find very funny.

    1. Yeah, he was cute … sitting there with all that food!

      I guess you mean on the tablet? On the phone I couldn’t use both hands?! …or maybe I could — just my thumbs then.. but I’ve never tried that. I’ve seen it being done, though..

      1. Yeah, if I turn my iPhone horizontally I can type with just the tips of my thumbs now…it took a while but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I dont have a tablet…yet. 🙂

        1. I tried that in the beginning, but it never really flew with me … too far gone now 🙂 I’ve seen people doing it, and they really fast!

    1. We got ours for free with the tablet case, and she got hers free in Walgreen’s drugstore so … apparently they’re around.

      Yeah, he posed! He moved around and I took several shots of him, where this turned out the best 🙂

      1. I do! Mine has a magnet that attaches to the iPad, so it doesn’t get lost. It doesn’t matter how streamlined technology is – we always need another gadget 😉

  2. Oh Rebekah, what a wonderful pic of Reddy Squirrel. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a red squirrel in the city – only those big black/grey/white(?!) invaders – you’re SO lucky in St. John to still have our little native fellow: )

    1. Wow! I didn’t know it was like that?! Here there are hundreds, if not thousands of them … very few grey ones. In the park, I see one grey, occasionally, and he’s so timid and gets chased away by the bolder, red ones..

  3. That is such a cute wildlife picture with all the color behind the squirrel. You should send it to the local paper or something. I did pay for the stylus. But it was well worth it. My hands are just so much bigger than most people that I can not type well on my phone. I am really liking it. Especially when I have gloves on!

    1. I misunderstood that part … either way, it’s cool! The pen! 🙂

      Yeah, he’s a cute little guy, sitting there with all the goodies, but as soon as he got a peanut he ran away with it ..

  4. Sylus: ok…
    Red Squirrel: utterly fanulous!!!
    He is just the cutest little critter ever!!!! I love his expression!!!!
    Do squirrels eat pineapple??? Maybe if they live in the Tropics, rofwl!!!!
    I give the human A+ for trying tho’.
    P.S.: Interesting post about the stylus; I was just kibbitzing with you…. 😉

    1. He he!

      I didn’t see him trying to eat the pineapple … not the boiled egg either. I handed him a peanut, he took it and quickly scurried off (c:

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