it burned

mcdonaldsThis is McDonald’s in my home town of Härnösand, Sweden … or was, rather! Yesterday morning, it all went up in flames. When I woke up, yesterday morning, I heard the characteristic, little sound from Facebook Messenger, on the iPhone. It was a friend, back home, who thought I should know this 🙂 so I knew before many of my friends who actually live there! The wonders of modern technology again! If they’d written me a letter, I would have known in about a week.

This picture was taken, probably in 1999 and I think it opened perhaps 1998. At least somewhere around that time, I’d borrowed the camera at work.

I liked our McDonald’s. It was nice to sit outside on that wharf, in the summertime, and have coffee and a chocolate muffin. Good coffee at a reasonable price.

McDonald’s been around, in Sweden, for I don’t know how long … like in most other countries, but we didn’t get one until late 90’s. I hope it will be re-built!

IMG_0982Yesterday was a calm and cool day, when we just lounged around and relaxed. Still very, very windy after the storm. Neither of us felt like a heavy meal so I just brought out some shrimp of the freezer and made shrimp sandwiches. Didn’t have a lemon, but apart from that, the main ingredients for a traditional, Swedish, shrimp sandwich were there. I’d say you could get one of these in almost any food joint there … the quality might vary, they’re always expensive but popular.

To crown off a rather good day, there was Downton Abbey on TV. Two (!) hours. That was unexpected, but good, as usual. They said, afterwards, that next Sunday will be the season finale. Booo…! I must find  something else on TV that I like.

Today is yet like a blank sheet of paper … waiting to be filled with something 🙂

17 Replies to “it burned”

  1. Make every day count. Sorry about your Mickey Dees, I bet they will rebuild it. Ronald himself will be there with hammer and nails in hand too. I am getting high today – on a plane to Florida. 😉

    1. I hope so … it was a really popular place — full of people all the time, and a line-up at the drive-thru.

      Good for you … safe flight, and enjoy! 🙂

  2. I must say that Swedish smörgåsar are as delicious as ours. I have never been in a McDonald’s but I think Härnösand needs it rebuild.

  3. That is the prettiest McDonald’s I’ve ever seen. Too bad it burned down. What a great location and a good memory of sitting on that wharf with coffee and a chocolate muffin – my favorite breakfast. As you know I’m always looking for good and easy things to make. My son loves shrimp. How do you make the shrimp sandwich?

    1. Me too … love a breakfast that somebody else has made..

      Couldn’t be easier: Butter white bread, put on lettuce. Squeeze out an amount of mayo that you feel good about. I LOVE mayo. A mound of shrimp in the mayo, sliced hard boiled egg. A slice of lemon, cucumber tomato and … most importantly; DILL. That’s it 🙂

  4. It was sad to walk by McDonalds today and I think of the people who works there. I hope the rebuild quick. The picture of a shrimp sandwich make me decide on shrimp next wekeend and perhaps a toast skagen.

    1. Yeah, I saw the pictures … just a pile of ashes! I’ve known Göran since I was young and he was the bartender at Stadt.
      I have yet to try and make a toast Skagen 🙂

  5. What a beautiful McDonald’s. It makes me sad that it burned. Do they know what happened?
    Thank you for the shrimp sandwich recipe…that I can do! sounds delicious.
    Notice the cat now has a red heart….

    1. Yeah, some kind of water leakage caused some electrical device to burn or whatever. Something like that..
      It’s a little heart, with a paw print in it … just for fun, I was trying to create something like a logo … it’s not finished yet 🙂 …if ever..

  6. I am so sorry to read of your homeland McDonald’s burning down!!! It looked like a great place to sit by the water; they should do that here in Canada.
    Nylablue & I are watching Downton Abbey also & will watch the season finale too. It really is a fabulous show!!! 🙂

    1. Yeah, it was really nice to sit there, and their coffee is so good! Besides, I’m a sucker for BigMacs or Quarter Pounder Cheese 😀 I love that stuff … could eat it every day!

      1. The coffeee here is awful!!! 😦
        I used to eat Big Mac’s when I was a teenager. Now they don’t taste the same?
        Guess my taste buds changed….but I do like their french fries…..

  7. The shrimp open face sandwich looks wonderful. I think I will steal your idea for tomorrow. Sorry about your McDonald’s. They’re not usually found in such appealing surroundings —

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