just noticed something..

When photos are posted in the ‘gallery format’, here in WordPress, you can bring up and comment or hit  ‘Like’ on an individual photo … but there’s no way of replying to the comment.

20 Replies to “just noticed something..”

  1. Hmm, guess I’m an anomaly in preferring to “like” in person (w/ a comment)? Mostly ’cause, in the long run, “shortcuts” usually aren’t; )
    Is the wind still up, down your way? The Maritimes’ weather’s been riding high on CBC Radio news – especially St. John’s watermain troubles – and on the weekend, no less; )

    1. The winds are high and the gulls are soaring happily 🙂
      Finding that the water is off, in this building, is so common, so I didn’t even raise an eyebrow. Then I found out it was way more wide-spread. Must have been a biggie.

      The opinions about the «Like» button are as many as there are people, methinks. Both here and in Facebook. A long time ago, I removed the «Like»-button, and it didn’t take long until I got a lot of questions why my like-button was gone. I put it back.

      I’ve often commented on individual photos in galleries, and never thought more about it. Not until now, when I received comments [on photos], and saw that I couldn’t reply!

      1. Well, perhaps the WordPress fairies are listening right now…
        Or is there a way you could approach them(it?) about a solution?; )

        1. Nah, I don’t think they’re listening …
          I thought it was curious, when I noticed there wasn’t any reply-link… just thought I’d share it 😀

            1. and since I wrote that post, I’ve discovered that I can reply to those comments, if I only go through the comments section on the dashboard.. 😉

        1. This comment, I’m replying to from the Dashboard … not from the orange bar-thingy 🙂 I think, as long as I hit «Reply», you’ll get notified. We’ll see here now.

          1. Yes you get those notifications, but what I meant is: if you write a comment in a gallery and then the blog owner (another blogger won’t be able to reply directly) replies to that comment, will you get the notification?

  2. You’re right. In order to reply you’ll just have to leave an ordinary message. The problem is that when you do that, people don’t get that little notification thing up in the right corner that let’s you know that someone left you a comment…

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