31 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home”

  1. I wonder how are you holding up right now, with the storm? My husband is watching sports TV right now…it’s the middle of the night for you, I hope you’re sleeping well…..

          1. Thanks πŸ™‚
            Don’t know what possibly could make me go out today. We don’t have any water. A water main broke somewhere..

                    1. i guess its too early for your water to be back on but do you at least have electricity? That would be really hard. So much snow!!

                    2. Water came back a little while ago, but at the same time I got a text, telling us to boil. They didn’t need to tell me that …it’s still brown. Electricity’s still on … *touch wood* ..and so is the storm. It’s really wild!

    1. It was just regular snow at midnight, when I went to bed. Now I’m up again at 8AM … It Is Wild!!! Checked the local news, most things are closed. No point in trying to take a photo of it either, because it’s just white..

    1. Hej Annakarin … Thanks! They say this one will hang around until tomorrow morning.

      No water.. but I’m extremely thankful for electricity.

  2. Are you happy with this new home? The town’s name is St John? And your building is a brown one whose top floor can be seen above the bridge?

    1. Yes, Saint John is a gem … a little rough around the edges, but still … I love it!

      Our building is sticking up to the left, behind the ‘Saint John-sign’…

        1. The apartments facing the harbour have a glorious view of the harbour. Ours is facing north, and that’s okay too … not as hot in the summer, but still …too hot.

  3. It looks very nice where you live. Good you had electricity- I assume that your heating system is driven by electricity?

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