there’s a blizzard comin’ on

Checking the news this morning, the upcoming blizzard seems to be on top of everyone’s mind on this side of the continent … and rightly so — it’s a major storm … or two storms really, merging around Boston somewhere.

Last night, before going to bed, we watched a Boston news channel, stores were open all night and people were stocking up on foods and water. The line-ups were incredible! Some gas stations are already sold out.

Here, we’re under a blizzard warning, but it won’t start snowing until late this evening … perhaps around 9 o’clock. Don’t know how hard hit we’ll be here, but I have a feeling Nova Scotia will get it worse. In NYC it has already started to snow, I just read.

We’ve lived here, in this building, for four and half year now, and had ONE, short, power outage. That wasn’t due to weahter, they’d been digging outside and hit something. When we lived in Quebec, in the house, we got the occasional outage, though. I had a number to the hydro company, that I used to call. An automated voice told me which address I was calling from and what time the power would be back. I was pretty impressed with that! ๐Ÿ™‚

Reading this word ยซblizzardยป over and over again, only reminds me of a song from my childhood. I learned the lyrics by heart at an early stage and still remember them. Nowadays, I can hardly listen to it without tearing up…

Stay safe, my friends.

21 Replies to “there’s a blizzard comin’ on”

  1. Silly, I know, but it seems almost as though civilisation should have conquered these natural occurrences.

    There’s something almost ‘unreasonable’ about nasty weather hitting a civilised part of the world. It seems like it should only hit other places.

    1. With all our cutting-edge-technology, we still haven’t conquered that one … and that’s a good thing, in a way. I’ve thought about it too..

  2. Good snowy morning – several inches are here now and it’s still coming down. I snapped several photos and a video this morning of the event. Nice to see when we move to Nevada 9hopefully) pretty soon. Stay warm ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, you’re in the same system that’s hitting southern Ontario right now…
      Nevada would be too hot for me … even though it’s dry heat, that’s easier to handle, but still. Good luck ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. It has started here but it is actually not supposed to be bad until the evening. It may even rain some at midday they say. On the other hand it seems that every hour our projected accumulation goes up another inch.

  4. Hearing that song and its lyrics really does change my mood! I’m sad for all the people who don’t have a warm and safe place tonight. But I’m very glad you’re safe and sound. I will be watching the weather over in your area to see how it is for you. Does your cat ever act differently in bad weather? One of my dogs used to crouch beside the toilet during thunderstorms.

    1. Oh yes, big time! As soon as he senses something’s going on, weather-wise, he gets very low and runs into the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink. We’ve watched this for so many years now, and we’re starting to wonder why he doesn’t do it with every storm/bad weather. Sometimes he’s totally unaffected, but thunder = always.

  5. The snow will come, the snow will go, friendship though, will move and flow. Lame, I know. But it’s late and I’m tired and hoping we don’t lose power. Hard to do juicing without electricity.

  6. Oh, I hope you’ll don’t get as much snow as Boston.

    I just spoke with my daughter (Saturday a.m.) and her husband was outside snow-blowing their drive way. She said they had at least 2 or 3 feet of snow with four more hours to go. They had power and food. She said it would be clear by Monday…how positive is that!

    Down south we would probably be inside for a week!

    I’ll keep watch on Saint John to see how you’ll are faring. Stay warm and inside…no going out for those lovely snow photos if the snow is very deep…but at least you have snow plows…so go ahead and take those great snow photos…how ambiguous is that?

    1. We’re getting a lot of snow … I don’t know how much yet, but I feel that the wind’s the worst. I can here them ploughing down below here now.. The grocery store is open, but the, normally jam packed, parking lot is vacant ๐Ÿ™‚

      I might take the elevator down, and see if I can get a shot out the street… the balcony is too windy..

        1. Wow I can’t believe how much snow came down. The most excitement we’ve had here on the west coast was half an hour of hail. My sons classroom kids all thought it was going to break the window. Stay cozy in your home.

          1. Hail can be really bad for cars… It’s nice in here, with a panoramic view of the storm. I did go downstairs and out, to try and take some pictures. Will post them later.. ๐Ÿ™‚

            1. Thank you Rebekah and Linda. I enjoy reading your comments to one another – it really is like sitting around a counter having a kafeclatch (spelled? this is a term my mother uses when we sit down at a table together with tea or coffee). You ladies have opened up a new world to me and I’m so happy about it. Have a great day!

  7. Never heard that Burl Ives ever before! And you’re right, it’s one for tears.
    Thankful that the blizzard wasn’t any worse than it was here. But the mounds of snow left everywhere make getting around difficult — and that won’t get better anytime soon.

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