back into the deep freeze

It’s cold … and what’s worse, it’s windy. I’ve just checked out the weather forecast this morning. Sometimes I get the feeling they’re exaggerating, but who am I to tell. This time they say that we’re in for a ‘crippling winter storm that will be historical’. Well … we’ll see about that. Perhaps it will be crippling for some people. Right now, parts of what will form into this blizzard, is located outside Cape Hatteras.

I wonder what it’s like to live in Cape Hatteras or any of the Outer Banks. The only time I hear tell of Cape Hatteras is on the weather … hurricanes and the likes. The Outer Banks is a place/area I’d totally love to visit.

IMG_0948Last weekend the annual pond hockey took place on Lily Lake here in Saint John.  We drove by there yesterday, and I noticed this ice sculpture standing outside the pavilion.

This is just a small sculpture, but still … I’m in awe of what they can create with ice! All those ice hotels, castles around the world.

Mother Nature is also very creative with ice! 🙂

Since the weather’s been so … ‘back and forth’, there is still some open waters in the park. Last weekend I shot a series of pictures of ice that had formed around a small stream. Fascinating shapes and forms …changing all the time. There’s also one pic of Lily Lake during the preparations for the pond hockey.




27 Replies to “back into the deep freeze”

  1. At least the ice was thick enough and apparently very clear for the hockey teams. Ice sculptured by nature is a beautiful thing!! 27F and overcast here as usual here this morning – blah.

    1. Yes, it was nice and thick! If my memory serves me right, they had to cancel one year, due to no ice.

      Bright and shiny here, but the winds are howling like mad..

  2. Amazing ice sculptures. Hope the weather wont be too bad over there. The winter has relapsed here too, but fortunately not so much snow now (touch wood).

  3. It’s been cold and windy here in NY too. And we’re supposed to get a big storm tomorrow. I did hear it could be a crippling storm, but more for the New England states. Stay warm and dry and safe. Love the ice pictures!

    1. Yes, we’re getting the crippling one! That remains to be seen, though 🙂 Two systems are going to merge — the one you’re having now, and the one from Cape Hatteras.

  4. The photos are awesome. My daughter, in Boston, said that they were expecting at least 2 feet, however, it would be on the weekend and they could stay in….knowing them they will be playing outside for part of the day!

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Yeah, that’s the one we’re going to get too. We’re only seven hours north of Boston. Once it’s here, it will probably have lost some of its strength…

            1. Wonderful! Looking forward to it..
              I really want to go back to southern Maine also because I haven’t been to Nubble Light with this camera … only with the little point & shoot I had first.

              1. I made this comment on Chittle Chattle about you…decided you would never see it (I don’t know how that works) so here is the question:
                #Rebekah…what is Robertson’s lemon curd?
                My maiden name was Robertson and I need to know if my kin are doing something behind my back.

  5. It sounds like a perfect day to stay in pajamas all day. It’s true the media inflates a lot of storms on their way. I love extreme weather, probably because I’m from and live in California (southern) where the weather is very mild. Any chane is exciting. Except lately with the odd patterns I’m getting a little freaked out and worried about the future because of global warming. I love your ice photos

    1. Yeah, we’ll do our shopping and run our errands tomorrow. When I first came here [to North America] and saw all the weather warnings, I got all excited and expected something really wild, as we didn’t get those type of warnings back in Sweden [they’ve started to adopt the American way now though].
      Sometimes it really gets wild and many get hard hit, like Sandy, for example, but we’ve been spared here.
      We had a visitor from California, a few years back, and she kept taking pictures of our fluffy, summer clouds … she said there, they had either clear skies or overcast..

  6. Instead of cursing the ice, you made lovely pictures of it. Now that’s creativity!
    Even so, let’s hope that this “historic” storm is nothing of the sort, that it’s a kinder, gentler storm.
    Fingers crossed for both of us!

    1. I’m just watching the preparations in Mass. as I type. It even has a name now … Nemo! 🙂
      There doesn’t seem to be much hope of a gentler storm … at least not there, so bat down the hatches.

    1. I just noticed that we’re now under a Blizzard Warning … they’ve upgraded..

      Saw on the news from Boston last night, that people were stocking up on the necessities ..

  7. The town where I grew up had an annual ice and snow sculpting competition. It was such a neat thing to see each year!

    Beautiful shots! In particular I loved the ones of ice in nature. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, C.B.
      In Quebec, [as well as in Sweden], they had this ice hotel.
      We went there to have a look a few years ago, and it was really awesome!

  8. Oh Rebby the ice photos are fabulous!!!! That sculpture is pretty amazing also!
    I have seen videos of the Ice Hotel & I would love to visit one of them!!!
    It started snowing here around 4 pm yesterday & by 7 pm it was very heavy snow!!! It has snowed all last night & all day & it is almost 6 pm now. The wind is whipping the snow around so there is alot of drifting. I shovelled the pathway but it has blown back in. I will shovel again once it gets dark & put out food for the ferals…..if they even come out tonight!!!!
    The storm is on its way towards you 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.

    1. It was actually quite an amazing feeling to be inside there … everything made of ice!

      Yes, your storm will by now have merged with the other one, and will be upon us in an hour or two… I really enjoy some wild weather every now and then, but I feel for all the ones who have to shovel and all other things that go with it.

      1. I would love to be inside an Ice Palace….maybe one day…..
        Oh that is right…2 storms have merged. No wonder it has been so snowy for so many hours!!! South of us got hit even harder…..
        I was shovelling on Monday * I pulled a muscle in my back around the ribs!!! OUCH that sure hurt for a few days!!!
        Snow removal sucks here so I don’t feel sorry for the workers. They do as little as possible & the sidewalks weill be atrocious for days to come. In fact we will have to walk on the roads to get anywhere…..
        “Dashing thru the snow, hahahaha”

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