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We went to Walmart today. Our microwave, that was on its very last legs, needed to be replaced. It was only four years old. We have two Walmarts in Saint John now. In Canada there has been a chain of stores, named Zellers [owned by Hudsons Bay Company], and all Zellers stores are now shut down. They were almost the same type of stores as Walmart … maybe one notch up *said with a certain hesitation*.

The Zellers store, that was really handy to us here, closed as early as two years ago, and that building is still vacant. That’s a shame! On the west side, a new Walmart opened in the Zellers location and on the east side, we’re getting a Target store very soon. Target is opening up stores all over Canada. I don’t remember if I’ve ever been to one, but probably … in Maine.

Now … we went to the ‘old and familiar’ Walmart on the east side today. We bought a new, black microwave oven, and learned that they’re going to turn into a Super-Centre Walmart. Renovations starting in February. Good for them — that Walmart feels really old and worn out …narrow aisles, cramped up spaces. I’ve been to one of their super-centres … in Presque Isle, ME. It’s probably a good move on their part — not all people can take advantage of the huge packages they have in Costco.

Lily LakeThe fog was extremely dense this morning and remained so until supper time. I’d brought my camera, just to make sure … it would feel so stupid to see something spectacular and for once not having it with me! It would have been an excellent day for taking pictures of big,dangling water drops if I’d had my tripod! It rained last DSC_2405.NEFnight, and there was no wind whatsoever, so they were hanging nicely, but without a tripod it’s a hopeless undertaking. The temperatures have been going up and down like mad lately. Today, it was 8 degrees above freezing, with the rain that fell overnight, we lost of a great deal of snow. The other day, people were skating on the lake, but today it looked wet and only these guys were sitting there…

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  1. Colder weather headed your way! 18F here just now. The Wal Mart here was torn down not long after construction to build a super center. We stopped going there because the isles were always FULL of stuff to the point that navigation was a serious hassle. And, (some) of the employees were rude. Enough. We have the Meijer chain here too, a Michigan-based company that we went back to. Better. I remember Zellers when I lived in Amhurstburg, Ont in the 80’s. Sorry they closed. The ‘big box’ guys are stomping out smaller stores, people have to go where the money goes further.

    1. Good to hear! 🙂 We get enough of warm, humid weather in the summer. Today was just … damp! I’ve never been to Michigan. My uncle had a summer camp there.
      Pretty much the same here, about the aisles, but they’re not rude at all there … they’re friendly.
      In Quebec City, I loved to roam the Hudsons Bay [The Bay] … rather classy department store.

      1. You are lucky they are nice. I should mention though – we went to a different Wal Mart this afternoon hunting for a rug our local store was out of (found it), and these people were very very friendly, and the store was less cluttered. The isles wider too. We may drive the extra distance now and then. Each store appears to have it’s own ‘personality’ if that makes sense…

        1. We’re lucky … not only with regards to Walmart — the whole city is friendly! 🙂 People are chatty, they say ‘hi how are you’ to strangers … it’s amazing! I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

  2. You will like Target, I think. Walmart is some better with the aisle thing, but I think Target is a notch up. The one I go to does not carry as much “stuff” but suits my purpose.
    I stayed a week in Presque Isle…you probably remember reading my story of the bus ride sitting under an umbrella cause it was raining in the bus!
    Actually, I was looking at houses around Presque Isle lately. Thinking of moving north but then I am always looking at moving someplace 🙂

    1. I’ll never forget that story LOL !!!
      We’ll get one Target store here in SJ. The new, second Walmart seems to carry less stuff, but has wider aisles.
      The shopping exprience in Presque Isle was the weirdest! For being such a small place; their mall was huge! I took the opportunity to visit stores that I had not been to before [this was several years ago], like JC Penney, B&N and so on. Imagine being the sole customer in big stores like Sears or JC Penney … it was an almost eerie feeling, walking in that mall. We had supper at Ruby Tuesday. I have a good memory for details, so I even remember which book I bought in B&N; Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis 🙂

  3. I love Target! (It’s so much better than Wal-Mart.) Love the pictures of fog . . . its really cold where I am but we have no rain or snow or fog to show for it!

    1. I’m looking forward to see what it’s like … the opening is imminent.

      Yesterday’s fog was unusually dense, today; bright and shiny as can be 🙂

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing Target. Wish we could get a Hudson’s Bay store here, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  4. Hi Rebby: Your micro only 4 years old?? Boy they sure don’t last long anymore!! My Samsung that died this past November was 9 years old. I know have a Sears 1200 watt micro that makes everything bubble & boil over…it is good for warming & I am sure for cooking but iwth no manual it is a challenge!!! It was freely given & never used so no complaints.
    I have a friend in my building whose microwave is 28 years old & her sister has one that is 27 yrs old!!!! They don’t make things like they used to do they???
    LOVE those foggy photos!!! We had fog yesterday & my camera was home……everything was shrouded in fog & looked so mystical; like medieval times….
    Weather here as wacky as yours; I keep sending it to you, lol!!!
    P.S.: We are NOT getting a Target!!!! Not sure where they are going but NOT here!!!
    Our Zeller’s is dying….no music & employees walking about like zombies….it is very sad!!! I want to give everyone chocolate to cheer them up when I go in there…..

    1. I used to be under the impression that micros just worked and worked …for years! Maybe this one was just a lemon.
      I think they make stuff to only last so long. If you happen to buy a whole bunch of new appliances at the same time, you can be sure they will all break down at the same time too..

      1. Appliances used to last forever it seemed. I still have my original iron from 1974 when I first got married!!!
        You are right that things seem to break down together!!
        I remember 5 yrs ago when the phone died; the TV blew up & the old laptop neede a tune up!!! It was awful!!!
        I hold my breath whenever I buy something new because I wonder how long it will last, lol….
        I have also learned to NOT buy ANYTHING electronic from Canadian Tire!! They sell ‘seconds’ & then won’t give the money back when the product is garbage. They offer only exchange or stroe credit!!! That has put me right off them!!!!
        I will go back to Sears where one is treated well & the products work properly!

    2. Oh, you won’t get any Target in OS? Too bad! We get one, and as I said ..our Walmart is becoming a super-centre.

      I want a Bay store 😀

      1. No we were told we are not a BIG enough centre?? We are dumbfounded as people come from Tobermory down to us to shop & all around Grey & Bruce counties; even Wellington county which is Mt. Forest are.
        I’ve heard Target is coming to Fergus which is 1 1/2 hrs from here….
        Maybe we will get a Target in Port Elgin which is 35-45 mins away & since I don’t drive it might as well be on the Moon!!! *sigh*

          1. Their strategy sucks! We have 22,000 people in OS & then another 8,000-10,000 people from surrounding areas who drive to shop here….it really is stupid!

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