I don’t have a box

«Think outside the Box» Well … if I ever had a box, I stepped on it … danced on it, so it’s all flattened.

All joking aside, expressions like that tend get so hackneyed  so they end up feeling meaningless. «The Box» might be on its way out, but I think «because I can» will replace it. I sense that ‘because I can’ has its origin in mountain climbing. I keep hearing it more and more frequently…

Once, I was even de-friended in Facebook because of The Box. It was by someone I didn’t really know — an online acquaintance. She’d stated in FB ‘I loathe people who can’t think outside the box‘. I replied that «I love to bring arrogant people to their knees», and that was it! 😆 Gone!


Here’s someone who still has a box, though! Picture’s from 2008, but we have kept that, particular, box for him 🙂 He probably does a lot of thinking inside his boxes, but lately he’s taken a liking to the space underneath the kitchen sink. He’s able to open the door himself, and he spends a great deal of time there. I guess that’s his «me-time».

31 thoughts on “I don’t have a box

  1. I just don’t understood the reasoning behind new sayings like ‘thinking outside the box’ etc. that have appeared in recent years. They are appearing more and more in everyday speech.
    What is wrong with talking in plain English.
    LOL, yes you gorgeous cat does look like he’s thinking in the box 😀

      1. We all were very fed up with our mediocre professors telling us to think outside the box when we did not have a box either and they would not recognize a box if they saw one.

  2. He’s a beautiful kitty!!! Some ‘friends’ show their true colors when the situation changes. New theme? Everyone is changing. Change is inevitable.

    1. That is so true. Sometimes we could just agree that we disagree on certain issues..

      Same theme [2012]. It’s just that when you upload a header image to it, it ends up BELOW the navigation bar, and I don’t like that. I have lots of hang-ups about layout and design…one thing being that!

  3. The quote comes from Frank Lloyd Wright. The concept involved thinking beyond the conventional forms of architecture: Ie the box. Wright took this outside the standard and revisited forms found in nature . It becomes a cliche when people use it to satisfy their inability to convey ” the need for new ideas”. It goes along with ” Work Smarter”.
    UGH !
    Sometimes it is just as interesting as take an old idea and put a different spin on it. I love the big kitty in the Bee Sweet box. He looks like he could ” bring arrogant people to their knees”.

    1. Hi and thanks!
      Yes, ‘work smarter’ is another one. Interesting, about Wright. I could have googled it before I started to write.
      The cat is rather timid, but I think he could, should the need be 🙂

    1. Thank you … it had built up for some time. Sometimes even I have to say something, even though I’m rather meek, most of the time. Going to look at the video now 🙂

  4. Like you, I get the feeling that an exhortation to think outside the box contains a smidgeon of smugness.

    It contrasts with many creative people who talk about how they need boundaries within which to express themselves.

    (Nice cat photo)

  5. Hi Rebby: Originally the term “think outside the box” referred to humans always thinking within the confines of their known minds/knowledge base!!! It was not meant to be smug or derogatory but the concept of using one’s imagination & coming up with alternate ideas to think about!!!!
    Whether we think within or without at least we ARE thinking!! 🙂
    As for McDuff he is allowed to think within his box!!!! 😉 I LOVE the name BEE SWEET on his box!! Truly sums up his purrsonality!!!!
    Thanks for a great blog!!
    Sherri-Ellen & a whining Nylablue who wants her own box!!!!! *sighing*

    1. Hi Sherri Ellen,
      Yeah, I just get so fed up hearing the same over and over again …
      It’s a good thing when people are at least thinking … with their brains …

      I liked the BEE SWEET part too …that’s why we’ve kept the box. He just got a new one, because we had to buy a new micro wave, but it’s too big to become a favourite 🙂

      1. We say ‘think outside the box’ mockingly here…the tern is overused for sure!!!!
        Nylablue would love to have her own box but there is not enough room so she has to be satisfied with her 7 different places to sleep & all her toys 😉

          1. Seriously indulged my Nylablue is!!!! Now she has learned to open the bottom kitchen cupboards & is trying her reign of furry terror there!!!! Oh boy!!!!!!!
            HAHAHA!! 😉
            Oh she stopped long enough to send her purrs to her McDuff!! ❤

            1. He he! I lived in an apartment once, where Hadassah could open all the cupboard doors. She NEVER forgot that. No matter how many times we moved, she kept trying …and trying …
              McDuff still loves his condo, and sends his purringly! 🙂

              1. I can just picture Hadassah opening the cupboards & nosing about!!! Nylablue has been a snoop from Day One!! She is very clever..sometimes a bit too clever 😉
                McDuff still in his ‘condo’; not surprising….they get attached to their fur-niture too!!!
                ((HUGS)) & head rubs from us!

                  1. Got that from my best friend’s daughter!! It sure fits…
                    Did you know that the fur inside a cat’s ears is called ‘ear furnishings’????
                    FUR real!!!! I Googled it!!!!

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